Nutrition Tips Would Vitamin E Be Beneficial for Psoriasis

My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registereddietitian with the Austin Regional and I've been asked would Vitamin E be beneficialfor psoriasisé Vitamin E does have the potential to be beneficial for psoriasis, it can't actuallycure psoriasis but it can be useful as a moisturizer, a lot of times having an active flare up ofpsoriasis can be very painful, your skin can get very y, very scaly, and having a goodmoisturizer can help relieve some of those symptoms, so Vitamin E being an antioxidant,can be beneficial as part of a moisturizer. But just for your information there's actuallya couple of other vitamins that have more benefit for psoriasis and used as topicalcreams, and these are actuallyprescription

topicals. Vitamin D and Vitamin A both ofthese particular vitamins are fat soluble vitamins, similar to Vitamin E, but they havedifferent functions, different rolesthe body. And these two particular different vitaminsactually have been shown to improve some of the effects of psoriasis, so while VitaminE doesn't hurt and it may help a little bit as a moisturizer, Vitamin D and Vitamin Aare actually more beneficial for psoriasis and can usually be obtaineda prescriptionstrength.

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