Psoriatic arthritis brodolumab

New ug for psoriatic arthritis looks verypromising. next Brodalumab May Benefit Patients With PsoriaticArthritis. Steven Reinberg writing for Healthday reportedthat quot;patients with psoriatic arthritis who responded to brodalumab had a significantimprovementtheir skin and reductionthe swelling of the fingers and toes, a conditioncalled dactylitis that is commonpsoriatic arthritis, according to the study's lead researcher, Philip Mease.quot; The piece noted that unlike current mediions for the treatment of psoriaticarthritis, brodalumab quot;acts against interleukin17 receptor A.quot;

Comment: Brodalumab is a new agent specificallyacting on psoriatic arthritis. This ug has a different mechanism of action than the TNFinhibitors we currently often use for the disease.

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