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Welcome to health care at home Now a days its often notice that men women both are looking for unwanted hair removal. due to this they spend lot of money on various beauty parlours, bearing so much pain to remove unwanted hairs. Let me show you the recipe to make home made wax with which you can remove unwanted hairs at home Make it fresh, it won't give you any side effects as will take all the fresh ingredients So, for this here i have 1 Big spoon or you can say 12 bowl of sugar 1 spoon or 14 bowl of pure honey Almost 1 spoon or 12 lemon juice will be required

Let us start making wax, will put sugar firstthe bowl After putting sugar, now will add honey after putting honey now we will add lemon juice , as lemon juice works like a preservative. Honey to works as preservative they won't let the wax go stale. Honey is also good for the skin Now, turn the induction on, on the low flame As soon it will heat, sugar will start getting melt

till the time its colour gets darken, we have to keep stir it and cook it . Now, you can see its colour has started getting change Moment its colour turn dark, will take it off from the flame As you can see, its colour has started getting change to brown Now, we have to keep stir it speedily so that it get even brown colour all over moment its browncolour will turn off the flame keep stirring it, remember its temperate is extremely high.

Don't touch with your hands as its temperature is high, let it become bit cooler then will take it offa bowl As i said that do some dusting with all purpose flour and then apply this wax and then put a cloth and pull it off this way you will be from all the unwanted hairs. So, the natural wax is bit cool down, now will transfer it to the bowl. So, our natural wax containing honey lemon is ready. Lemon contains skin lightening qualities, you can make ita large quantity use it if and when its required to remove unwanted hairs. So, our natural wax is ready, how to use this let me tell you prior using this dust that area with some all purpose flour

after dusting , take a spoon or knife and apply the wasthis direction . after applying wax, you can use any cloth, wax strip or you can cut out the strip from your old trouser. put that strip over the wax and press it gently and then pull it off into the opposite direction all the hairs will be removed. Its a natural wax containing lemon honey. its very good for the skin Lemon has bleaching properties, so it works like a bleaching agent to enhance your skin tone. This wax will be thicken if you will make it

then either you can put into microwave for 30 sec to get it melt or you can steam it, put some watera vessel to get boil and place this bowlthat vessel for 23 mins. within 23 mins it will get melt into a thick form, and you have to apply thick form only so,use this natural wax and get rid of unwanted hairs. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support usour motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people should get the health benefits by sitting at home only

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