How to Remove Dark Circles II II By Priyanka Saini

Hi Friends Welcome to Priyanka's beauty and masala mantra today's tip is related to dark circles most of us are fed up of their dark circle I have small and simple home remedy for you so let me tell how to vanish your dark circles for that we need we will take

grated cucumber grate it propely Aleo vero, it is easily availableshop or market many people use it nowadays cut it from middle take out the inner gel portion from it and with that add 12 tsp of honey Mix is properly

Aleo vera gel is thickits original so smash it properly so that it mix well now the paste is ready apply it all over and under your eyes and leave for 15 mins and after 15 min mins wash it off with cold water Do it for almost 1 month it is very effective if possible apply it twice a day morning and eveing If it is not possiblemorning because of workevening wash off your eyes and apply this paste leave for 15 mins

after 15 mins wash it off with cold water within 1 month your dark circle will be reducedfact it will vanish completly.

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