Leftside Deafinit Projectile Vomit Sickest Rapper

Verse 2made to reign for ages im dirty as meningitis the plague can inflame your brain herpesencephalitis breed upthe victims who like hypnoticsensations Seepingyour your system through microscopicabrasions you handling your cheddar, I'm damaging youfellas barcelona call my flow the spanish influenzalock em under like fort knox i got em covered like small poxhit em with the best show witnessing the death toll 'rising up when i call shots

i'm eloquent beautifully i'll tell you thisim truthfully a felon with a new disease i'm hellish andi'm brutally excellingcommunities dwellingthefood you eat im clever so you never can develop an immunityim forceful and ferocious, don't you know thispoets dope it's audible hypnosis multiple sclerosisno choppers half as high as this bomb em back try to dissheart attack rash em hard chronic plaque psoriasis

Verse 3Take a deeper look into the Deaf Childs irisLeftside fly like a west nile virus carry the hysteria from area to areaapparentthe air but i could i could burry ya malariamy teacher told me to expose my diseases slowlyi'm defeating phonies, outta control as cerebral palsylifted just enough to feel a buzz and topple over yaSpit it cause my lungs are filling up i got pneumoniasee im ching wreck tonight so people let

the writer speakmeet an epidemic like your reaping hepititis Cindeed im taking such advantage be afraid of what im planningsweep a nation running rampant you face a flood and famineeither way i'm coming, damn it sick as cypress spit the itisteeth or breaking from the damage giving biters gingivitisi give a writer cardiac sarcoma blinded with the light he thought he had glaucoma deaf child op it, deaf child op itrock it, not for the xl profit

watch it i spit like a reptile toxicdeaf child op it, deaf child op it mortify the crowd with the guest held hostagepour it out your mouth like projectile vomit deaf child op it, deaf child op itpouring out the mouth like .�.

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