Home Remedies for Psoriasis II II

Welcome to Health care at Home Today we will talk about Psoriasis it is such a dangerous disease those who suffers from it faces a lot of problems when specially when it increases that create a lot of problem so first of all it is very important to know that what is Psoriasis. Modern science is unable to find out the reason behind finding the cause of getting suffered from Psoriasis but what all its symptoms are let me tell you the skin sells moves very fast and grow very fast

due to this you get y red patched on your skin and that gets very irritated and makes irritation and get expanded also it comes on elbows most likely then it comes on knees and on the scalp it comes on your hair scalp and on the neck also, it is actually very dangerous disease The major cause of increasing the Psoriasis is stress if you are stressed and if you have any patch on this part of your body and the same time you heard any news that increases your stress, then it will be very much itchy . That small patch will become this much of big within few hours

So have to control over your stress, Do quot;NadiShodhanquot; What actually happenNadishodhan you have to take breath slowlyslowly but take complete breath you must not make sound as it is done very lightly and hold on your breath Apart from that you have to do Bhramai Pranayam, this is also very good for the stress now the psoriasis iscontrol and now we have to ruled out completely what to do for ruled out, i will tell you a simple remedy Take 1 Cup of Bitter Gourd Juice take 1 cup of Bitter gourd juice and add 1 spoon of lemon juice

and with empty stomach you have to consume that juice of bitter gourd the infection of the Psoriasis, this bitter gourd will remove it and will kill it you will notice that very fast your psoriasis is gone away and yes there are 3 reasons of getting psoriasis increased there are 3 major reasons due to that this Psoriasis gets increased the first reason is stress, second reason is intoxiion, you don't have to to any type of intoxiion You must use alcohol as with the consumption of alcohol psoriasis gets spread very fast what to takeeating, you have to take those itemseating with which your liver gets strengthen

Liver gets straightness with dark orange color of fruit Take Papaya, Carrot and fruits like this, with this your liver will get strengthen Apart from this i will tell you one treatment which has to be taken regularly If anyoneyour family has Psoriasis, although Psoriasis is noncontagious that means this disease does not get spread by touching at all But it is seen that if any one of your family member has Psoriasis then automatically other will get affected by this because i feel that people has their same level of stress

because if i have stress then my wife sisters will be having the same level of stress Due to this reason if the anyone of the family member is having psoriasis then others also get affected so those who are affected by Psoriasis and those who have this disease they must do this rememdy so that it doesn't get spread 7 leaves of Basil Margosa, you have to eat these leaves every morning by chewing them bit by bit and swallow it with the water and since the margosa is bittertaste and if you are not able to take it the you can do one thing just mash it and put it into the muslin clothe and take out its juice

Tanning Beds Vs Natural Sunlight Tanning David Reath Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Hi everybody. I'm David Reath.And I'm here to talk about this week's TruthOMeter Tuesday question.Well, it looks like we finally got some sunshine and some almostsummerlike weather.So we used that as a springboard to come up with this week's question.And the question was this. That using a tanning bed is ssaferbetter for your skinthansunlight or getting a sunburn.And the answer is no, as pretty much everybody got.Tanning beds are no safer than sunlight, andsome cases it's even more dangerous.There's a 100% increasethe development

of melanomaspatients that use tanningbeds regularly. And there's a 50% increasethe rates ofother skin cancers. So definitely, tanning beds are not a goodthing, and I see many patients that are saying, quot;Well, I'm about to go on a trip and a want to get a head start on mytan, so I'm gonna sitthe tanning bed.quot; Really we don't recommend that. It's justnot a good thing for your skin. And the problem is if you damage your skinwith either a lot of sunlight or a tanning bed, your skin ages. It ages

more rapidly.It's very visible, and we can't undo those changes.So the best thing is to be careful with your exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which comesfrom the sun or from a tanning bed. And when you're outside, wearyour sunscreen. And remember to reapply because no sunscreenwill stay on all day long. Anyway, let's find out who this week's winneris. Melissa Bass.Melissa, congratulations, you're this week's winner.We have a $100 gift card for you, please come

into the office and pick that up.Why don't you pick up some sunscreen with it, we're probably gonna need that this weekend.Everyone else, thanks for playing, stay tuned next week when we'll have another question.

Does Tanning Help Eczema

Hi everybody Mel here, today I want to talk to you about sun tanning and whether it helps eczema. and the reason I want to talk to youabout this is, I do read a lot of people start saying that they noticed their eczema symptoms tend to reduce or actually go away during summer when they get a suntan and they were wondering whether there's any connection between that. Now I want to clear this up immediately. Yes there is a connection, but it's not the sun tanning exactly that's helping the skin. There are factors that can help eczema. And those factors are not the sun tanning exactly. We have hormones that the sun will actually synthesizeour bodies.

So there is melatonin and serotonin, both of those do help and regulate our sleep. As you know sleep is very important for our healing with our eczema. the other reason is because of vitamin D which I do talk about quite a lot and I'm sorry that I do, however vitamin D is really crucial and studies have been done showing that vitamin D deficiencies actually can leadto eczema and with worse cases of vitamin D deficiencies leading to even worse cases of eczema. In those studies, people are given vitamin D supplements and the eczema tends to clear up. Obviously this is not the case for every person with eczema. But is it very common. Vitamin D deficiencies are quite common for people with eczema. What happens is when you get sunlight

your body will actually synthesize vitamin D3 into your bloodstream. What vitamin D3 does, it controls a whole bunch of genesyour system and a lot of those genes are responsible for your immune system inflammation and obviously skin health. Three really vital areas for eczema. So when you start getting sunlight you get the vitamin d and the vitamin d your helps boost your immune system, it helps clear the inflammation and that's why people get really great results from beingthe sun. Now that you know that, you can get vitamin done of three ways. The first way you can just go out into the sun and get it naturally that way. Second way, is go and get some vitamin D supplements. Now, if you are going to do this make sure you get the vitamin D3 version this is what's recommended bydermatologists and s it is the type of vitamin D that synthesizes into your blood readily. Don't get the vitamin D2. The third way is through food, there are various foods

you can eat that do contain vitamin D, which is wonderful, so you have all these different avenues that you can get your vitamin D. While I understand there a lot of dangers associated with beingthe sun, of course there are Melanomas and skin cancers, the danger is very real exercise caution if you do want to get sunlight. What you're best off doing, is starting off with five minutesthe sun or what ever your recommends for you and also when you're doing this, please don't do it during midday as it is the harshest time of day when the sun can probably burn you. Make sure you always stay really well hyated. Don't let yourself get too sweaty because sweat makes the skin really itchy. Always be cautious. If you start to notice you're getting burnt, you've obviously spent too longthe sun. If your skin is photosensitive, which some people's are. Please don't gothe sun or talk to your before doing this because your skin will be a lot more sensitive than most other people and remember that sun tanning itself is not the thing that actually helps clear your eczema it's the process of

beingthe sun. If you want to check out my article on vitamin D please check out the link below. And as mentioned earlier, I did talk about how sleep does benefit eczema symptoms. If you want to see the link down below. And with that, thank you very much for listening, I hope you learnt something today and happy healing.

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