Sleep Sauna for the Occlusion Method by Delasco

s and patients love the results oftreating psoriasis with the occlusion method but medicines can be greasy and messy and using saran wrap and tape. a real painwrap and tape welfare the perfect solution is a sleep sauna suit by Delasco sleep sauna is a two piece, treated nylon suit the silky soft latex free fabric createsa moist warm atmosphere that can lockthe skins moisture to help treat y skin and other conditions

as directed by a physician because it's easy to use, patients willwear it regularly to lounge, sleep or just hang outplus the mediion stays on the skinwhere it's intended it's also easy to take care of simply turn the suit inside out toss itthe washer and yer after wearing the nylon materials will stay soft wash after wash

and comes with a one yearwarranty supply your patients with amatic relief recommended a sleep sauna suit as atreatment option order the sleep sauna suit from Delasco or give us a call at 8008316273.

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