Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Information and How I Healed Myself

so I wanted to share with you today some of what other people have shared with me about their experiences with diatomaceous earth. I work with a lady and I told her about my experiencewith Diatomaceous Earth how my body responded. how my nails werelonger and stronger. How my hair was thicker. How my hair wasshinier and healthier. How my skin was plumping up and my

age lines were fading. disappearing. How my age spots on my hands were fading. and she said, quot;Robin, I want to trysome as well, so I brought her some. to try. She, within three days. knew that this was a product. she was going to be into her body for a very long time, if not the rest of her life. she was so enthusiastic about her body's response to the Diatomaceous Earth that she decided to share it with.

those she loved, her family. Her husband started on the Diatomaceous Earth. and he noticed a difference, as well.He has a very physically demanding job and he noticed that, if he did a tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earththe morning when me left for his job and then again halfway through his job, hehad the stamina to stay on his job and complete it. Where before he was really getting verytired and had thought about

having to find another line of work, so thishas had a positive impact on his career. She also shared the Diatomaceous Earth with her motherand father. Her dad took. the Diatomaceous Earth for about sixmonths and then went to a . He had his regularly scheduled visit. and he actually was taken off his bloodpressure medicine because his blood pressure was back down to normal and. his cholesterol was down by thirty points.

The looked himthe eye and said, quot;whatever you're doing. keep doing it.quot; This is a gentleman who'shis seventies and. he knows that it's the Diatomaceous Earth that's made such a difference for him. It's. saving him some money when it comes to prescriptions during the month. And they're just really happy. What I personally see. and I have another friend

who, after starting the Diatomaceous Earth, I watcheda bald spot on the back of his head disappear, how does that happené He wasn't using any. prescribed mediion that are out there on themarket that have those. scary, scary side effects. make you grow a third limb. or something like that. But, within days his bald spot was starting to disappear,so the new hair growth is absolutely amazing. Another friend of mine. had told me before. I was telling her all of the different benefits and I.

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