Home Remedies For Psoriasis Scalp Psoriasis Part 2 II 2

Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode i told you some of the appliions to be followedpsoriasis scalp psoriasis. that what all you should apply that with which you can have reliefproblem of psoriasis now i will tell you that what all you should take orally with which you can have reliefpsoriasis or scalp psoriasis so, take 1 cup juice of Bitter gourd and add 1 spoon of lemon juiceit so, if you will squeeze half of lemon then you will get almost 1 spoon of lemon juice mix it and you have to consume this with an empty stomach.

and you will notice that slowly you will start getting reliefpsoriasis similarly soak 10 gms of sesame seeds for almost 7 hours After 7 hours ink this water and chew these sesame seeds if you can else you can swallow them like that. by consuming this also you will get so much of reliefthe psoriasis similarly you have to mix small spoon of sandal wood powder100 ml of water after mixing you have to boil it boil it unless the water is reduced to 50 ml when the water is reduced to 50 ml then add 50 ml of rose waterit

and also add some sugarit and mix it well and strain it and fill this into a bottle. and the water which you have putthe bottle just consume 22 spoonmorning andevening as well. if you will consume this then you will notice so much of reliefthe psoriasis . there is one more very effective treatment for psoriasis That is oil of Psoralea corylifolia just take Psoralea corylifolia's oil and apply this on your effective areas. just apply this oil with the light hands if you start having sore on your body then it means this oil is very strong on your body

then dilute it by adding some sesame oil and then apply this andcase there is no sore on your body then you can directly apply Psoralea corylifolia oil with this also you will get so much and so much instant reliefpsoriasis you have to use Psoralea corylifolia for about 2 months and within 2 months you will start getting so much of reliefpsoriasis similarly you can do one more remedy, take 1 bucket of warm water add 5 big spoon of rock saltit mix them well and you have to take bath with this water and after bath apply olive oil on your body where you have psoriasis

or apply the olive oil either if you have psoriasis on your scalp or any other part of your body after every third day you have to this remedy so by doing this tutorial also you will get reliefpsoriasis one more thing you can do that you can take cabbage leaf if you will wrap it on the affected area even then you will have reliefthe psoriasis you can also use apple cider vinegar, just dilute it a bit that means if you have 12 cup of vinegar then add 1 cup of waterit and then with the help of sponge apply this on your body and to your infected area

after appliion wait for 10 minutes and then take bath with this also you will get reliefthe problem of psoriasis there is one more very good remedy, take 810 flowers of marigold crush them and boil them1 glass of water boil it nicely and when the water is reduced to half after that strain this water and when its lukewarm then with the help of a cloth you have to apply, rub this for 2025 min on the infected area with this also you will get reliefthe problem of psoriasis

How to Treat a Skin Yeast Infection Naturally

Use coconut oil. Coconut oil contains three different fattyacids (caprylic, capric lauric acids) that are fungicidal, which means they kill fungisuch as Candida and other species. These fatty acids within coconut oil killyeast by destroying their cell walls, so it's very unlikely and difficult for fungi to gainresistance against them. Buy a good quality coconut oil (it's likelyto be a solid instead of a liquid) and rub some it into your yeast infection 3x per day. You should see results (less redness and itching)within a week.

Coconut oil is also a popular remedy for fightingsystemic (internal) Candida yeast infections, although its taken orallysuch situations. Coconut oil is also effective against bacterialskin infections and other kind of skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, which can looksimilar to yeast fungal skin infections. Try tea tree oil. Appliion of tea tree oil, an extract ofmelaleuca alternifolia, can also be effective on yeast fungal infections of the skin becauseit has strong antimicrobial properties and works well as a fungicide.

Tea tree oil also boosts immunity, which canbe helpfulpreventing initial infections and reinfections of Candida and other fungi. Start with 2 3 ops of the tea tree oil onyour skin infection, 3x daily for at least a couple of weeks and see how it works. Tea tree oil has been a popular antimicrobialand antiinflammatory for many yearsAustralia, but has become better knownthe U S.over the last decade or so. Tea tree oil can cause both skin irritationand allergic reactionssome people who are especially sensitive, but the prevalenceis rare.

As such, test a little on some healthy skinbefore applying it to your yeast infection. Consider oil of oregano. Oil of oregano contains a couple of differentcompounds (carvacrol and thymol) that are both strong fungicides. These compounds completely inhibit Candidaand other fungi via dehyation they y out and eventually die. Oil of oregano is quite strong and can causea burning sensation on skin, so make sure to dilute it with vitamin E or some cod liveroil water won't work well to dilute because

it doesn't mix with oils. Mix 12 ops of oregano oil with the samequantity of vitamin E or fish oil and apply it your skin infection 3x daily for a coupleweeks and make note of the progress. Taken sublingually (in the mouth under thetongue), oil of oregano seems to stimulate the immune system and help prevent most typesof infections. Keep your immune system strong. With any type of infection (fungal, bacterialor viral), true prevention and protection depends on a strong and healthy immune response.

Your immune system is made up of specializedwhite blood cells that are designed to search for and destroy potential pathogens such asfungi. However, when your immune system is weakeneddue to the abovementioned reasons, diseasecausing microorganisms can grow and spread virtuallyunchecked. Thus, focus on boosting your natural immunityin order to combat yeast infections and stay healthy. Getting more quantity and better quality ofsleep, eating more fresh produce, eating less refined sugars (sodas, candy, deserts), reducingyour alcohol consumption, quitting smoking,

Benefits of Pau dArco

Hey, guys, Axe here from Axe . TodayI'm going to be sharing with you the many benefits of pau d'arco and pau d'arco tea.I'll tell you right now,this tutorial you're going to learn that pau d'arco is the numberone herb for killing candidathe entire world today. I've worked with a lot of patientswith candida, with parasitic infections and viral infections, and again, there is nothingmore powerful. In this tutorial I'll share with you exactly how to use it and how many timesa day. So again, pau d'arco is an herb that's beenuseddifferent native regions around the world, but it's been shown to be very powerfulat killing off candida. Now, the cause of

candida today, and oftentimes parasitic infections,when your immune system gets weak and you get something called dampnessyour body.This is knownChinese medicine as a spleen deficiency or excess dampness, so we needto adess those two things. One, with a weak immunity, and weak immunesystems can be caused by emotional stress. They can be caused by taking antibiotic ugs,poor diet, all of those things can cause immune deficiency, and the other thing that can causecandida and parasite overgrowth can be things such as consuming too much dairy or wheatproducts, consuming too many cold foods, and really just a poor diet. All of those thingscan cause dampnessthe body. But pau d'arco

as an herb helps y up that extra phlegmand mucus. If you have a white coating on your tongue,or if you ever have a loose stool, or if you have cravings for sweets, breads and grainson a regular basis, or if you have any type of regular infection such as a UTI, thoseare big, big warning signs that you have candida and chronic infectionsyour body. Also,if you've had any sort of other infection, let's say if you know you've had a parasiteor imigo, or any sort of skin issue or ringworm, you know that that's a sign of aparasite, or if you've come back from another country with loose stools. Those are all signsof dampness and candida, fungal or parasitic

infections. Again, the number one way to treatit is by inking pau d'arco tea or just consuming pau d'arco and reaping the benefits from thatas a supplement. Pau d'arco contains a compound called lapacholthat actually is very powerful. It has antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic benefits. AnytimeI have a patient that's struggling with issues with candida, I put them on a diet of goingsugarfree, grainfree, consuming a lot of foods that nourish the spleen, such as fermentedvegetables, bitter foods, and then things like bone broth soup. Even squashes like butternutsquash, these things are very nourishing to the spleen. But then I have them ink twoglasses a day, two to three glasses, of pau

d'arco tea. Now this is the brand I've personally recommendedto patients. You can pick it up on Amazon or go to Whole Foods, or order itseveralplaces online, and there are many different brands. This is just the brand that I've used.But again, pau d'arco, that's PAU, and then space, DARCO. This tea has been usedChinese medicinefor thousands of years to naturally treat candida, parasites, fungal issues, as wellas immune deficienciesthe body. In some cases, pau d'arco is usedthe natural treatmentof cancer.

Again, pau d'arco has many health benefits,especially when it comes to treating any sort of candida, parasite, or immune issues. Again,for my patients I recommend two to three glasses of this tea a day or taking two recommendeddosesa supplement form. It can help you fight candida fast. If you want to learn more about the top herbsfor healing your body and more about how to treat candida and infections naturally, visitmy website, Axe , or hey, subscribe here to the YouTube channel to learn more aboutsuperfoods and healing herbs.

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