Psoriasis psoriasis costs

How expensive is psoriasisé More than youthink… next Researchers Say Psoriasis Causes Up To $135Billion Annually In Direct, Indirect Costs. Robert Preidt writingHealthday reportedthat research publishedJAMA Dermatology suggests that psoriasis “causes up to $135billion a yeardirect and indirect costs.â€� Investigators looked at data from 22 studies.They found that “direct costs of psoriasis ranged from $57 billion to more than $63 billion,and indirect costs – such as missed work days – ranged from about $24 billion to$35 billion.â€� Meanwhile, “other health problems related to psoriasis cost more than$36 billion, and treating the physical and

mental health effects of psoriasis cost upto $11,498 per patient.� Comment: Adding up the medical, emotional,and psychological costs of this disease is very sobering indeed.

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