What Causes Psoriasis and Triggers of Psoriasis

Hi, my name is Tomas andjust one minute,you're going to know a little bit more about what causes psoriasis and the triggers of psoriasis to watch out for. ReadyéOkay, let's get started! What causes psoriasis isn't fully understood.However, this condition is believed to be related to the cellsthe body and the immunesystem. White blood cells, called T cells, normally travel through the body and fightbacteria and viruses. So far, so good. However, when someone has psoriasis, these T cellsfight against the body's healthy skin cells, causing an inflammatory response. This canbe bad news. Several triggers can make psoriasis worse,such as a skin infection or strep throat,

smoking, cold weather, stress, and heavy alcoholconsumption. Some mediions can also make psoriasis worse, such as lithium, iodides,antimalarial ugs, and mediion for high blood pressure like beta blockers. I hope that cleared up some of the confusionsurrounding psoriasis and you found this quick tutorial useful. Remember, click on this buttonor follow the linkthe description below to find out the treatments and remedies thatreally work to get rid of psoriasis. Until next time, thanks for watching!.

Overview Stelara a Prescription Mediion Used to Treat Adults with Psoriasis

Stelara is a prescription mediion usedto treat adults with psoriasis. It is also approved to treat moderatetosevere psoriaticarthritis. Stelara belongs to a group of ugs known as monoclonal antibodies. It works bybinding to specific proteins of the body that are involvedinflammation and immune response,thereby preventing these proteins from binding to other cells and causing the symptoms ofpsoriasis.This mediion comesan injectable form to be given just under the skin by ahealthcare provider. Common side effects include upper respiratory tract infections, headache,and tiredness.

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