Psoriasis Ethnic Skin Care Treatment

My name is Nathaniel. I am being treated for Psoriasis. quot;How long have you had Psoriasiséquot; I have had Psoriasis ever since I was 12 years old. quot;How are things going so faréquot; It's going real good, ya know. I've been treated for it before, but with no no results at all. Since I've been coming to Crutchfield it's been

very good. I've seen results immediately. Within a month. It's been amazing. quot;And you are happy with the resultséquot;I am really happy with the results. quot;Would you recommend it to a friendéquot; 100% I would.

Buying Mediions Online How To Do it Safely and Affordably

Thank you all for taking the time to attendthis webinar Just a few housekeeping things before we et started Everyone will remain on mute for the durationof the presentation But there is a chat baryour control panelso feel free to chatquestions during and at the end of the presentationand our presenter will answer questions at the end of the webinarand just a quick little introduction about the webinartoday�s webinar is buying mediions online how to do it safely and affordably.We have Shabbir Safder,

who is the director of National Outreach forthe Partnerships for Safe Medicine. The Partnership for Safe Medicines is groupof not for profit organizations and individuals that have policies, procedures, or programsto protect consumers from counterfeit or contraband medicinesI am Elizabeth Messenger, I am the Director of Outreach at Needy MedsAnd this one of our Needy Meds special topic webinarsSo before I pass it over we are just going to do a quick poll just to get things startedWe are going to launch that poll right now. The question is: do you know someone orhave yourself ordered from an online pharmacy

that stated it was notthe United StateséSelect one of the following if you want to start answering that question.We will just wait a second. Ok, another minute. Ok, so it looks like we are pretty split.About 48% yes, and 52% no. At this time I am going pass it over to Shabbir, if you wantto give an introduction and start your presentation. Good afternoon or good morning, if you areon the west coast like myself. My name is Shabbir Imber Safder and I am theDirector of National Outreach for the Partnership for Safe medicines of which we are proud tocount Needy Meds as one of our members and so who we are is a not for profit organizationincorporatedVirginia, that works primarily

on patient safety issues around counterfeitugs, although we do do a lot of outreach to health care professionals and if you wantto know more about that, we can talk outside the scope of this conversation, which is mostlyabout patients. Our mandate from our board, which includesvery eminent expertsthe pharmacy, law enforcement, and legal fields of counterfeitugs is to help edue the public and reduce the problem of counterfeit ugs which isactually really awful throughout a great deal of the world and getting worseAmericaand that is mostly because of globalization and the porous nature of borders.The poll question is actually very a propos

There arefact a lot of people who haveencountered counterfeit ugs and bares a moment to think about how it is that Americansare protected. In particular, one of the most clear waysthat we are protected,fact the only way that we are protected is because we have aregulated closed secure supply chain Everybody from the person who manufacturesthe ug to the person who actually hands it to you and the last step before you takeit, is regulated within the US Most of them by the FDA butsome casesthey are regulated at the State level So pharmacists and wholesalers are often actuallyregulated at the state level

And that is part of the challenge that we�veseenMassachusetts with compounding regulations and throughout the states.Other wayswhich folks are regulated include the fact that the FDA does extensive testingof mediions The fact that there are pharmacovigilanceprograms, if you actually have adverse reaction from a ug, what happens is you can makean adverse event report to the FDA and they actually collect thoseand additionally, when you are taking a ug there is a physician or pharmacists or bothinvolvedthe supervision of mediion choices and the dosing and the protocol andwe will see, we have had a couple of cases,

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