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quot;Capriclear Natural Soothing Oilquot;Hello my name is Nellie Cortez and I am an aesthetician. And I have been using Capriclearfor about 3 years now. Patients everyday, they ask you quot;what's new, what do you recommend,what can I useéquot; And then they have this condition on their skin like eczema or psoriasis. andthey're using the oil and they don't realize and then they're having issues with theirnails and you know they're cracking, they're splitting. I say quot;just touch them up withthe oil around the cuticlesyour fingernails.quot; and they've had great success, including myself.I mean I've tried it myself first. And it's been successful. Um I've used it on patientsthat have different skin conditions. I also

do skin care for them where they have patchesof eczema, psoriasis, y skin um different issues with their skin. Also if they havesensitive skin, this has been a great product for them. Where they have a great reactionto it. In the sense that they've tried different lotions or creams from over the counter. Theycome finding a solution for their skin and we recommend this oil for them and they tryit and they keep coming back for more because they find it's the solution for them. As well,you know, for their whole body including even fingernails that are y and cracked. I'vehad my patients use them and they've had great benefit from that also. The products, otherproducts that I've usedthe past, um, don't

seem to hyate long enough. Or it's justlike temporary where you put your cream or your lotion and it feels good for minutesmaybe, or just seconds at a time and then you're kinda.it's not lasting. With thisyour skin afterwards, it absorbs into your skin it feels silky. You have a silky finishon your skin and it makes it feel comfortable when you have different skin conditions. OhI love what I do with skin care and working with the product and not only that, I've beendoing this a long time and you feel good when you help patients and you experience it yourself.And then when you recommend it you know what you're saying. You're confident on the product,you have confidence that you're going to give

them something good. I'm a firm believer andI use it myself so I would continuously, every day recommend it all the time.quot;Capriclear Natural Soothing Oilquot;.

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