Raw Goat Milk Heals 20 Year Vegan of Back Pain

Alright! This is John Kohler with okraw .Today we have another exciting episode for you, and today we're going to talk aboutsomething that you probably never thought you'd hear about on my show, goat milk!As you guys can see we've got a goat here, that's goat named whatéCamille. Camille. And goats like banana leaves, I likebanana fruits but goats like banana leaves, and next to me we have Jeremy my friend thatI've known for many years, he's actually been into a raw diet for the last 22 years,and for 20 of those years he was strict raw vegan, I mean this guy's been doing rawfoods for longer than me, I look up to this

guy, he had probably the first raw vegan restaurantin Maui backthe early 1990's before it was even thought about. And I always readabout The Raw Experience, and I wanted to go there when I first became raw, but I didn'thave a whole lot of money so I couldn't get over to Maui to try it so I never gotto eat the food at the restaurant. Man but, he's a cool guy one of the things that hedid recentlythe last couple of years, is he started including some goat productsinto his diet and I was like “Oh what's going on manéâ€� So that's why we're goingto talk with him today to learn more about this and find out about this and I know, youknow many of you guys out there watching this

might be vegans and I want you guys to havean open mind because I mean, he was 20 years as a raw vegan, and something changed, soI want you guys always to be open to learning new information and don't ever fit or confineyourselfa little small box based on a label, based on a raw foods label, based onbeing a vegan label, or any label that you're going to put on yourself. So let's go aheadand sit down and chat with Jeremy a little bit. All right so now we're going to askJeremy some questions about his raw vegan diet that he did for 20 years until he startedeating some animal products, and Jeremy why did you originally become a raw vegan andso adamant for 20 years about thisé

Well originally a lot of it had to do withanimal activism, a lot of hit had to do with me wanting to just be kind to nature, andme wanting to step away from mainstream programming and from a lot of the industrialization thatwas going on within the marketplace of food that I saw and so I was kind of revolted bythe killing of animals for food and profit and dairy products and honey and eggs andall that seemed to go right along with it so I really stepped away from it, and as Ilearned more and got closer to nature I wanted to eat more fruit from the trees, I wantedto liveHawaii and be closer to my food sources and pick things that I was eating,and so those kind of things really got me

into it and I lived with Ann inaudible andlived with a bunch of people that were really into raw food and all of a sudden it becamemy world, I felt it was such an important thing I wanted to share it with everyone,I even went to opening a restaurant and writing a book about it.That's awesome yeah, so he was super committed to raw foods, I mean I'm on his 30 acrefarm, he has plenty of fruit trees and herbs and leafy greens, all kinds of cool stuffgrowing including a cool cannonballshaped papaya that I've never seenmy life before,I mean this guy's really into this stuff I mean he's had the farm been eating someof the best produce, but then he started including

some dairy products like, what happened JeremyéWell what happened was that after about 16 or 17 years I had gotten an injury, whichwas rare for me, but I did a lot of martial arts and a lot of yoga, and I had rupturedone of the disksmy spine. And so I began trying every way I could to heal it and Ihad a lot of issues. I noticed that my body wouldn't heal rapidly enough, that I getdifferent treatments, body work or I would try different things that I could do as faras raw food products would go, none of it was really giving me that healing for thenerves that I needed to stop the pain that I was in. I spent three yearspretty extremepain, and finally I was like “You know what


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