How AlzheimersMice Was ReversedOne Week

I'm Shelby Cullinan with today's health news.Could reversing Alzheimer'sjust one week be possible sooné New research indies thatmight be a real possibility. In a new study on mice, a protein called IL33 was foundto reverse the cognitive decline and memory issues associated with Alzheimer'sjustone week while appearing to prevent future symptoms as well. About 60 to 80 percent ofdementia patients have Alzheimer's disease, a progressive condition that interferes withdaily life and eventually causes death. Scientists from the University of Glasgow discoveredthat when mice bred to develop cognitive decline as they age were given IL33, not only didcognitive tasks and memory improve, but physical

symptoms of Alzheimer's were also less apparent.One physical indior of Alzheimer's is brain plaque, or an abnormal collection of proteinbetween nerve cellsthe brain. Alzheimer's patients also have brain tangles which arecollections of dying nerves. In this study, the mice had less brain plaque after the weekof treatment. According to the study authors, IL33 surrounds the plaque and releases anenzyme to digest it. Despite the study's results, further studies are necessary to determinehow much IL33 is safe for humans, and the study team advises against too much optimism.For dailyRx, I'm Shelby Cullinan.


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