Make Epsom Salt Spray For Sore Muscles

Hi its AlaskaGranny do you have Epsom saltyour first aid supplies if you don't you should epsom salt is made out of magnesium sulfate and has all kinds of healing properties health benefits you can use this for many different things today I am going to show you how to use epsom salt

for relieving aches and pains we know you can soakepsom salt but sometimes we don't have a bath tub available or we don't have the time or strength to take a bath I am going to show you how to make an epsom salt spray that you can use on your skin if you have a sore bruise or sore muscle and you can help relieve those things when you are unable to take a complete bath

start with epsom salt see what they are like they are granular crystals I have a little bottle a spray bottle that is left over from another product find a little spray bottle mix equal parts epsom salts and boiling water my bottle is little I am going to put a tablespoon of epsom salt and add a tablespoon of boiling water stir it together make sure it is dissolved get it all dissolved let it cool and then pour it into the bottle

I have allowed my mixture to cool and then I poured it carefully into my bottle make sure it is dissolved completely so you don't clog your sprayer now I can use it on my arm AlaskaGranny went for a moonlight hike the other night and I fell and hit my elbowthe dark on some big old rocks now I can take my epsom salt spray and spray it on my sore elbow and it can help ease the swelling

help the bruising heal faster and helps my sore muscles feel better try making epsom salt spray for your first aid and comfort needs please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny .


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