4 Tips for Managing Scalp Psoriasis

Hi, I'm Linzi. And this is my first tutorial for New Life Outlook. Today I'm gonna be talking about scalp psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis is one of the most common forms of the disease and it appears on the skin as red, inflamed patches with silvery scales on top. This leads to a lot of flaking and is also mistaken for danuff.

As a sufferer myself, here are some of my top tips for dealing with scalp psoriasis. Tip one, if it's the itch that's bothering you, I recommend oral antihistamines and shampoos specifically for scalp psoriasis have moved onrecent years. I would speak to either your pharmacist or even your GP just to ask what treatments would suit you best.

It's probably gonna be trial and error finding out which one works for you. Over time you might find that it stopped being as effective and you may have to revisita couple of months to see if there's something else. At the moment I use a coal tar shampoo. I wash my hair maybe once or twice a week. I use a very mild shampoo and a conditioner

alongside the coal tar. Remember the coal tar shampoo, or any medied shampoos are for your scalp, not for your hair. Tip two, a practical remedy for scalp psoriasis is either using olive oil or coconut oil. About a spoonful massaged into your scalp, leave it in, I tend to leave itovernight, it's up to you how long you want to try.

And then with a mild shampoo or your medied shampoo, wash it out and it just helps to moisturize your scalp and it gets rid of some of those y patches. Tip three, your hairesser or your barber might not be the person you want to visit when you have scalp psoriasis. But they are the expert. Be honest with them.

They've seen it all before and they're trained to spot and help you. So speak to them, maybe to help with a new style to cover it. Maybe speak to them about minimizing your use of styling products. And ask them just if they've got any top tips that can help you.


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