7 Tips and Tricks for Treating Psoriasis

7 Tips and Tricks for Treating Psoriasis 1. Daily treatments Although there is no cure for psoriasis,oral and topical mediions are an invaluable tool for many people inmanaging the disease. Topicals�whichare applied directly to the skin�can reduce itching and inflammation, improve the skin�sappearance, and normalize abnormal cell production,which is thought to be one of the causes of

psoriasis. 2. First line of defense If your condition is isolated to a few areas,topicals are the first line of defense, says Steven Feldman, MD, PhD, professor ofdermatology at the Wake Forest University School of MedicineWinstonSalem, N.C. quot;I divide patients into two groups: Thosewith a few spots where I use topicals, and thosewith so

many spots that you can�t possibly put topicalson all of them.quot; For those with psoriasis that coversmany areas, oral mediions and biologics might be a better fit. 3. Combo treatments Your dermatologist may also decide to usetopicalscombination with other mediions. Try to makeapplying them part of your daily routine,

and makesure to apply them only to the part of the body directedby your to avoid unwanted side effects. 4. Moisturizing creams A key to treating psoriasis is keeping yourskin moisturized every day, and especiallyyor cold weather. Patients recommend ointmentssuch as Vaseline and lotions to minimize itching

and redness; finding the right product isa process of trial and error. Whatever you choose, slather theaffected parts of your body immediately after a bath or shower. 5. Coal tar How this ageold remedy helps psoriasis sufferersremains something of a mystery. quot;We have no ideahow it works,quot; says Robert E. Kalb, MD, al

associate professor of dermatology at theUniversity at Buffalo School of MedicineBuffalo,N.Y. s presume that it reduces the overproductionof skin cells. The upside to tar products is that theydon�t cause side effects. The downside is that they�resmelly and messy, and can stain fabric. 6. Topical steroids quot;Steroids are the mainstay of topical treatments,quot; says Kalb.

Psoriatic arthritis Apremilast Otezla new hope for psoriatic arthritis

What's new for psoriatic arthritisé Find outnext. Apremilast (Otezla). new hope for psoriaticarthritis The American College of Rheumatology putsout hotlines on new ugs. Here's the one on apremilast. Apremilast is the first oralagent approved by the FDA for the treatment of PsA. While its efficacy profile is modestcompared to biologic therapy, it has a favorable safety profile and the convenience of oraldosing. It may be most appropriate for patients with less severe joint and skin manifestationswho may not yet require a biologic DMARD. There are also emerging datapatients withpsoriasis only suggesting apremilast is moderately

efficacious for controlling skin disease.There are no radiographic data available for apremilast. Although apremilast has not beenassociated with an increaseoverall adverse events, infections, or malignancies, symptomsof depression, including suicidal thoughtsbehavior, and weight loss, have been reported. Comment: Safe but not as effective as I wouldlike.


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