Arthritis Care etanercept alzheimers

Arthritis ug halts progression of Alzheimer'sdisease, scientists find Sarah Knapton writing for the Telegraph reporteda ug which is commonly used to treat arthritis may be the first mediion found which canhalt the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Scientists at the University of Southamptondiscovered that Etanercept, which is usually given as a weekly injection to relieve arthritissymptoms, stopped dementia getting worse. Although only 41 people took partthe pilotstudy, researchers are hopeful that larger al trials would show the same result.Professor Clive Holmes, who led the research, and who presented his results yesterday atthe Alzheimer's Association International

ConferenceCopenhagan, said: “Our resultsare better than we expected. “We saw exactly what we hoped we would andno one has shown these effects before. The results are very consistent.�Comment: This could be a huge developmentthe fight against a devastating disease.


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