Review of Tea Tree Oil for Treatment of Toenail Fungus by Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

Hi. Today, I want to talk about a questionI get quite a bit, which is whether or not tea tree oil, which is this right here, worksat treating toenail fungus. So toenail fungus is caused by an infection of, obviously, afungus of the toenail. This is thickened and yellowed fungal toenail right there. But thefungus itself is actually very deep within the nail and within what's called the rootof the nail, which is actually under the skin of the base of the nail. So the fact is that almost no topical mediionhas potential to cure it. Now, some will make it look better. But there's a number of topicalson the market that are used for treating this.

There's actually three prescription ones:a ug called Ciclopirox, a ug called Kerydin, and a ug called Jublia. Now, all of thoseugs have quite a few studies behind it. We do know that the Ciclopirox works about8% to 10% of the time, and the other two topicals that are prescription work 18% of the time.Some studies say about 15 % of the time. Unfortunately, the studies done on tea tree oil, there'sreally no evidence that it works any better than a placebo does. So although it's an inexpensiveway to treat it and sometimes can make the nail look a little better because it softensit,fact, it's probably not your best choice on treatment. Really this should be treatedmedically. If you really want to try and get

rid of this, none of the topical mediionswork that well. So if you want to go through and see whatall these current literature says about how to best treat toenail fungus, please go toour website and search for quot;guide to toenail fungus.quot; We have a list of everything thereof everything that's on the market, from oral mediions, to laser, to the topical mediions.You can learn about which ones work and which ones don't. If you find these tutorials helpful,please subscribe to our channel, and thank you for watching.


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