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Remedy Psoriasis on your Hands hey my friend health guru Mike here withsome natural home remedies for psoriasis now I myself suffered from psoriasisbefore as well as I assume you may and let me assure you it is curable andin this tutorial I'll provide some natural home remedies that you can use andthey're easily obtainable easily usable you can also check out the descriptionbox underneath this tutorial for specific information on the natural home remediesthat i mentionedthis tutorial as well as links to resources for them nowbefore i go into natural home remedies

for psoriasis let me explain that you should maintainhope it is curable now simply applying something to yourskin is not actually going to cure psoriasis it may alleviate psoriasissome of the things that all explainedthis tutorial alleviate psoriasis some of them help heal the underlyingcauses of psoriasis but you really need to take a prettydiligent and internal approach to carry and psoriasisorder to really get ridof it for good

and to that end I do provide a freecourse on how to cure psoriasis naturally so you may seethe upper corner ofthis tutorial a little icon that you can click for access to my free course onhow to cure psoriasis naturally or also put a linkthe description boxunderneath this tutorial that you can use to get free access to my course if youwant to use that becausethis short tutorial I can't fit all of the guidancethat you need to cure psoriasis but i will provide some natural home remediesfor psoriasis this tutorial

so with that said the first natural homeremedy for psoriasis is coconut oil coconut oil is solid atroom temperature but when it gets a little warm it melts and it melts rightinto your skin really easily feels great and it has healingproperties that are good for healing psoriasis and it is also antifungal butin order to get the most benefit from coconut oil you want to obtain really good qualitycoconut oil preferably organic coconut oil so thatis not contaminated with pesticides or

herbicides or other poisons which wouldcause trouble but you also want to look for what'scalled direct micro expelled coconut oil because there were variousprocesses used for extracting the oil from the coconuts and you really wantthe most pure natural coconut oil that you can get and that available via thedirect micro expelled coconut oil which you won't find a lot of stores you might be able to find it at somestores but probably the easiest sources online and i'll put a link to thatsourcethe description box underneath

this tutorial so you may find as i did thatcoconut oil helps alleviate surprises now another one is castor oil castor oilcomes from a seed of the castor plant and you want again you want to look fororganic castor oil so it is pure and healing as possible and I'm providinginfo on thatthe description box and to meet this tutorial now as far as other natural homeremedies for psoriasisorder to get the most benefit and really have yourbest chances of securing psoriasis you have to do that from the inside

Fix Plantar Fasciitis Forever With These Exercises

Fixing plantar fasciitis forever. Wetalked about the exercise but we didn't show them. So, today we're going to showyou the exercise that you need to know to fix plantar fasciitis forever. There'sthree reasons you have to adess: the bottom, the middle, and the top. Let's getstarted. Amanda, turn sideways for me, please. We need to look at the bottomfirst which is the calves. They need to stretch and strengthen. To stretch thecalves you do basic runner stretches. Push the hips forward to stretch thegastrocnemius. Come on back. Bend the knee, ive forward. Keeping that knee bent will get the lower, the soleus, you must do

both stretches for the calves. But they're stillnot strong, they're weak and tight. So to strengthen the calves. Step up on the stool for me, please, Amanda. We do eccentric calves. Go up on your toes. Hold 1.2. slowly go down 3.4.eccentric release lengthens and strengthens at the same time. On yourtoes, hold 1.2.slowly go down down 2.3.4.that's going tolengthen and strengthen the calves. However, you also need to strengthen the middleregion: the glutes, the butt, the gluteus medius muscles are essential tostrengthen and fix plantar fasciitis

forever. I like glute medius proprio kicks. Amanda, well done! She's got her exercise band on. Now she's going to show you. Hold on, it's not a balance test. Little proprio kicks, we call them.45 degree angle back, not straight to the side, not straight to the back. Isolating the glute medius. Gluteus medius. Essential to fix plantar fasciitis forever. However, if we follow the kineticchain, the fascal chain of the plantar fasciitis, it goes all the way to theneck. So we also have to adess the neck. The deep cervical flexors are the nextmuscle group that we need to adess.

That's opping the chin down,opping the chin down. She's standing. Gravity is pushing her head forward, soshe's not doing any work. But I want you to see the chin has to go down. So with a stretch band, op your chin down to your chest.and come on back.op your chindown to your chest.and come on back. op the chin down to your chest. I love doing this one lying down actually, because you're fighting gravity. Those are the exercises you need to know to fix plantar fasciitis forever. From the bottom, to themiddle, all the way to the top. To the neck. How muché Three sets of 15 to 20,once a day, then progress to twice a day,

then progress to three times a day. Youcan get more aggressive with all of those. But, stretch and strengthen thecalves, stabilize the hips and the glute medius, and strengthen those deep cervical flexors.Thats the DeFabio Difference. I'm DeFabio.


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