As his son, seeing my father being deteriorated by disease (psoriasis) he wasn't like that before. When you saw my fatherprevious year, he was like this *body demo* Thanks to Mr. Kim, he has a better day onwards. *clap hands* We invited Mr Kim to come to Kluang because there are people with different health problems other than psoriasis as long as nutrition can be used to treatmaintain health from this perspective, it will be better than consuming medicines. Just like my father, he was prescribed with toxic medicine to suppress cells growth

So Mr Kim's EnerFlex is 100% natural, also made of soy's essence, that is why we can rest assured After this, allow my father to continue sharing his experience. Thank you GUEST: Wait, your father more like your brother *LAUGHING AIR* *CHUCKLES* Hahaha, he's my young brother *chuckles* Okay thanks everyone First, I would say my gratitude to EnerFlex remedy which had cured my psoriasis. Psoriasis, was incurable. After I consumed Mr.Kim's EnerFlex ,I'm fully cured *Raised Hand Claps* Today, i'm very happy standing here to share my story with you all.

I'm Englishedued, so my Mandarin might not fluent, please forgive me. *claps* My name is Cheah Wee Kok. I have consumed EnerFlex for almost one year. Since I was young, I have problematic skin My psoriasis flared up since 2009, when I wasAustralia That time, the weather was extremely hot, and the air was y, my skin began to crack since then.

And I got attacked by Psoriasis, I would feel very sick and the conditions were out of control because it was so itchy. So I didn't have the choice, so I seek consultation from Australia I had been treated by many s, they treated me with both oral and topical steroids. But, the topical steroid ug had made my skin thinner and thinner, and it bruised and bleed easily when I hit something. I also consulted many skin s, they gave me oral steroidal medicine but it didn't make me better My skin was becoming thinner, and I suffered a lot from itchy skin But, after taking oral steroidal ug, my psoriasis was under control and my psoriasis was cured slowly for a period of almost 2 years

2 years later, which was2012 , my psoriasis relapsed! This time it was more serious My whole body swollen, very itchy body and a lot of flaking skin In Malaysia, I had consulted many dermatologists. The medicines given to me did not show good improvementfact, my skin condition worsened Later, we found a dermatologistJohore Bahru. The said I suffered from a severe psoriasis

He then prescribed me a ug called Methotrexate (MTX) both oral and topical Methotrexate is a ug used for cancer patient that is used to suppress the growth of skin cell Methotrexate could eventually damage my liver and kidney. Thus, the wanted me to examine my liver and kidney function every 3 months One day, my son found Mr. Kim via Internet and his product called EnerFlex We decided to try EnerFlex since the mediions were not doing any better We then bought a one month's stock from Mr. Kim. A week later after taking EnerFlex, we called Mr. Kim for a meet up Mr. Kim was very nice. We meta fast food restaurantKuala Lumpur. He gave us a lot of useful advice I started to consume EnerFlex on 7 May 2015. And I stopped taking Methotrexate

The Patient Voice Erica psoriasis member

I have Psioriasis, and I've had it since Iwas 9 years old. It's a disease of the skin where there's just an excess buildup of skin,and it looks like I've got scabs all over my body. I was made fun of a lot, and no oneunderstood that I was the only onemy family to have it, the only onemy school district.And so, it was very difficult to grow up with it. When I first discovered PatientsLikeMe,in less than 24 hours I was connecting with peoplethe same age as me that finallyunderstood what I was going through. It was all these great tools that helps me see whatIneeded to do to change or how I could better myself. There's so much support and motivationon the site, and I know if I ever need more,

I can just go right back to it. After talkingto the people on PatientsLikeMe, I was able to tell my about the different sideeffects that other people with Psoriasis had been having for these mediions that shewanted me to try. It helped rule out a lot of different mediions for me and open anew communiion line that we never had before. And we were able to get moredepth andget more control over my treatment plan. Being able to be a part of PatientsLIkeMe and mydata contributing to research is huge for me, and I have a voice that I can help thoselike me so that I don't have to watch someone else suffer with it.


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