Ayurveda Siddha or Allopathy What is the difference Devi Shetty with Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Essentially the difference between Ayurveda and siddha and allopathy is just this allopathy is purely chemical, chemical manipulation of the system. When it's an emergency, you must use it. But if it's a long you know if it's a chronic ailment which is going to be with you for a long time and you're going to take some medicine for a long time, definitely popping pills for long periods of time is not a good thing.

So Ayurveda is herbal; herbs are also chemicals butnatural form. It's way better than taking ita synthetic form. Ayurveda needs a certain amount of appliion and knowledge because (Laughs) there are over three huned thousand… okayé Three huned thousand Ayurvedic formulations according to the ancient texts. Three huned thousand formulations you have to understand

if you have to really prescribe Ayurveda. So prescribing or practicing Ayurveda is a it needs a lifelong involvement. These days I see people come from outside the country; they study Ayurveda for oneandahalf months and they are certified ayurvedic teachers or s, practitioners, which is a very dangerous thing to do. Three huned thousand formulations,

how to give it, to whom to give it, when to give it is not a simple thing to understand, it takes a lot. Above all you need a phenomenal understanding of the body to be able to prescribe this. Siddha is very differentthe sense, siddha is essentially elementalnature. This… there are herbs but essentially it's elementalnature.

It comes more from the yogic science because the fundamental of yogic science isBhuta Shuddhi orcleansing of one's elements. This is an evolution from the yogic science and siddha vaidya was essentially formulated by Agastya Muni and they say Adiyogi himself practiced it and Agastya brought it to the south and onlythe south, it lived; nowhere else.

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