The Mystery of the Rosary a short documentary on the Rosary

Time stands still the heart speaks beaded memories pass through the fingers a moment apart, but never alone out of silence the power to see to love to create borncontemplation

In 1940 as war darkened the skies of Poland Jan Tyranowski prayed the rosary for peace he livedKrakow near the heart of theconflict the occupied Wawel Catheal at his parish St. Stanislaw Kostka

nearly all of the priests have been deported or killed Jan found himself responsible for the clandestine youth ministry he organized living rosary groupseach consisting of of fifteen young people committed to praying a mystery ofthe rosary daily eleven voions to the priesthood camefrom these groups one of the newly ordained priestsestablished a similar living rosary

grouphis first parish this same priest wrote a letter about thepower of the rosary recommending the prayer to the world the rosary is my favorite prayer a marvelous prayer marvelousits simplicity andits depth What is the Rosaryé the Rosary is a pattern of

prayers repeating familiar scriptureitions and praises with a reition like breathing its heartbeat is the meditation on the mysteriesof God's Revelation it is a Marian prayer centered on Jesus just as Mary herselfpondered the mysteries of Jesus' life a string of beads is often used to keepcount and keep focus each decade consists of three basicprayers the quot;Our Fatherquot; begins our meditation

Jesus solemnly commanded this prayersaying quot;this is how you are to prayquot; (Mt. 6:9)each of the mysteries Jesus always leadsus to the Father ten times we repeat the quot;Ave Mariaquot;or the quot;Hail Maryquot; since the fifth century the angelicsalutation and Elizabeth's greeting to Mary have been recited togetherthe EasternRites of the Catholic Church these words from scripture were joinedwith the name of jesus and followed by


Psoriasis Cure

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