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Transcript for Psoriasis Treatment Lone SkinDisorer Lone has psoriasis. The following pictures were taken before Lonestared using MentoNeem Ointment. Annotation: Lone uses MentoNeem Ointmentin her prosriasis treatment. Lone after 2 months usage of MentoNeem Ointment To receeive more information go to mentoneem just click the link below

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Statistical Analysis How can we robustly identify variants underlying disease

Suzanne Leal:Okay, so I'm going to talk about statistical analysis, and as you'll see, that it is reallynot independent, this section of study design, and we're going to revisit many of the thingsthat came up before, trying to put a little bit more of a spin on actual statistical testing.And I would like to aw a commonality between complex and Mendelian traits and show thatmany of the problems that we have from Mendelian traits also are true for complex traits, inthat, although we can implie, perhaps, a gene, that it's more difficult sometimesto say about causality of individual variants,particular those variants that are veryrare. I think one advantage that we have right

now is that we can look at data on a genomelevel, and we're not just have to focus on individual genes. And this is also verytrue for Mendelian traits where often people would chose their favorite they would startchoosing their favorite candidate genes within a linkage region, and once they thought theyfound something, they would stop. So now we're at a huge advantage that we can look at theentire region or the you know, and we don't have to just focus on a particular set ofgenes, our favorite genes. So I would first like to start with complextraits. So, you know, the rare variants for complex traits, they're going to have effectsizes which are large to odds ratios approaching

1. I don't think we can be so optimistic asmany people werethe very beginning that, you know, these rare variants are going tohave huge effects. We need very we only need a small sample size to detect them. Ithink that's already extremely clear that these effect sizes are not so large and wedo need large sample sizes. So because we need such large sample sizes, it's reallyvery important that we have international consortia that will be able to share data,not only on the traits, either qualitative or quantitative traits, but also control data,and so that's really going to be the only way that we're going to be able to approachthe sample sizes that are large enough in

order to detect association. And also, additionally,it'll be very important to have publicly available cohorts available for investigators. So one thing we have to keepmind thatfor very rare variants, we will not be able to test individual rare variants even if wehave very large, large sample sizes, and so what we have to doorder to detect associationis that we have to analyze the rare variantsaggregate, and usually what we're doing,as of late, is we're aggregating the variants across a region, which is usually a gene.Now this is going to be more, you know, problematic when we want to look outside of gene regionsbecause it's very difficult to know which

rare variants we should aggregate. I don'tthink that's clear at all. At least, I don't have an answer of what we should do when wewant to start looking outside of gene regions. This is also little bit of a problematic approachbecause people tend to select different types of variants to test, and then they will keepon changing the set of variants that they're testing or the tests they will perform, andthey tend to forget everything they did before. So even though they have a even if theyhave a very small P value, that P value is not adjusted for multiple testing, so that'salso a problem that we run across. So even if we do perform, you know, do theright thing when we're performing these tests,

adjust for multiple testing, you know, require,you know, a very small P value and we replie the region, we still have the problem that,because we analyze these rare variantsaggregate and we may be we are able tosay something that the gene is involved for the very rare variants, it's you reallycan't say if they're causal or not, because within this aggregate test, of course, you'regoing have causal and noncausal variants. Also, we have to be very careful when we'reperforming our tests. One particular problem that's probably much more important for rarevariants, because we see very, very large difference, even with very closely relatedpopulations, and even before we started looking

This Mayoral election is a referendum on the housing crisis

A secure and affordable council home gavemy parents the chance to save to buy a home of their own. A generation later, my wife and I, throughworking hard work were able to afford a family homeTooting, where we both grew up. But today London is now at a crossroads. If things don't change, the prospect ofhome ownership is a distant one for the next generation of Khans for our teenage daughters. Like many young Londoners,their twentiesand thirties, who have worked hard but still

can't get a foot on the ladder. These people are being failed by a governmentand a Mayor who seem unconcerned with the housing crisis. And now London faces a choice. This Mayoral election is a referendum on thehousing crisis. With me, a real plan to get building thousandsof new homes with a target of making 50 per cent of them affordable – to buy and torent. Or more of the same –a Tory Mayor who refusesto make any commitment to homes that Londoners

can actually afford to rent or buy. London needs a Mayor who will build genuinelyaffordable homes and give first dibs to Londoners. I'll be that Mayor. A Mayor for all Londoners.


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