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Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode i told you some of the appliions to be followedpsoriasis scalp psoriasis. that what all you should apply that with which you can have reliefproblem of psoriasis now i will tell you that what all you should take orally with which you can have reliefpsoriasis or scalp psoriasis so, take 1 cup juice of Bitter gourd and add 1 spoon of lemon juiceit so, if you will squeeze half of lemon then you will get almost 1 spoon of lemon juice mix it and you have to consume this with an empty stomach.

and you will notice that slowly you will start getting reliefpsoriasis similarly soak 10 gms of sesame seeds for almost 7 hours After 7 hours ink this water and chew these sesame seeds if you can else you can swallow them like that. by consuming this also you will get so much of reliefthe psoriasis similarly you have to mix small spoon of sandal wood powder100 ml of water after mixing you have to boil it boil it unless the water is reduced to 50 ml when the water is reduced to 50 ml then add 50 ml of rose waterit

and also add some sugarit and mix it well and strain it and fill this into a bottle. and the water which you have putthe bottle just consume 22 spoonmorning andevening as well. if you will consume this then you will notice so much of reliefthe psoriasis . there is one more very effective treatment for psoriasis That is oil of Psoralea corylifolia just take Psoralea corylifolia's oil and apply this on your effective areas. just apply this oil with the light hands if you start having sore on your body then it means this oil is very strong on your body

then dilute it by adding some sesame oil and then apply this andcase there is no sore on your body then you can directly apply Psoralea corylifolia oil with this also you will get so much and so much instant reliefpsoriasis you have to use Psoralea corylifolia for about 2 months and within 2 months you will start getting so much of reliefpsoriasis similarly you can do one more remedy, take 1 bucket of warm water add 5 big spoon of rock saltit mix them well and you have to take bath with this water and after bath apply olive oil on your body where you have psoriasis

or apply the olive oil either if you have psoriasis on your scalp or any other part of your body after every third day you have to this remedy so by doing this tutorial also you will get reliefpsoriasis one more thing you can do that you can take cabbage leaf if you will wrap it on the affected area even then you will have reliefthe psoriasis you can also use apple cider vinegar, just dilute it a bit that means if you have 12 cup of vinegar then add 1 cup of waterit and then with the help of sponge apply this on your body and to your infected area

after appliion wait for 10 minutes and then take bath with this also you will get reliefthe problem of psoriasis there is one more very good remedy, take 810 flowers of marigold crush them and boil them1 glass of water boil it nicely and when the water is reduced to half after that strain this water and when its lukewarm then with the help of a cloth you have to apply, rub this for 2025 min on the infected area with this also you will get reliefthe problem of psoriasis

Psoriatic arthritis adalimumab antibodies psoriatic arthritis

Why do some people treated for psoriatic arthritisstop responding to their treatmenté Find out next.Study Confirms High Prevalence of ADAAdalimumabTreated Psoriasis Graeme M. Lipper, writingMedscape described a recent study that might shed lighton why some treatments for psoriatic arthritis may fail over time.Menting, Lumig, DeVries and colleagues published the results of a recent study entitledExtent and Consequences of Antibody Formation Against AdalimumabPatients With Psoriasis:OneYear Followup Adalimumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody(IgG1) that binds to and inactivates the proinflammatory

cytokine tumor necrosis factor alpha, is ahighly effective treatment for moderate to severe psoriatic arthritis. Unfortunately,this ug may induce antiug antibodies (ADAs)almost one half of patients taking adalimumablongterm, and prior studies show that ADAs contribute to disease relapse and waning therapeuticresponse to adalimumab and other biologic therapies.In their study they found that 49 % of patients developed ADAs, with the vast majority (90%)forming antibody titers within the first 24 weeks of therapy.Comment: Interesting and answers a lot of questions about failing therapy.

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(ANNOUNCER)Major funding for Second Opinion is provided by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association,an association of independent, locally operated, and community based Blue Cross and Blue ShieldCompanies, supporting solutions that make safe, quality, affordable healthcare availableto all Americans. Second Opinion is producedassociationwith the University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York. (MUSIC) (DR.

PETER SALGO)Welcome to Second Opinion where you get to see first hand how some of the country'sleading healthcare professionals tackle health issues that are important to you. Now each week our studio guests are put onthe spot with medical cases based on real life experiences and by the end of the program,you learn the outcome of this week's case and you'll be better able to take chargeof your own healthcare. Now, I'm your host, Peter Salgo. Today, our panel includes Joel Pasternackfrom the University of Rochester Medical Center;

Rebecca SmithBindman from the Universityof California San Francisco; Bruce Hillman from the University of Virginia, and our SecondOpinion Primary Care Physician, Lou Papa from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Welcome to you all, and welcome back, Lou. (DR.LOU PAPA)Thanks, Peter. (DR.PETER SALGO)Here we go. I'm going to tell you the story about Maggie,who is the patientour chart today. She is sixteen years old, she has just finisheda track meet when she started having severe

right sided abdominal pain. Now, at 7:00the evening, Lou, you'reher PCP mom calls and says, “My daughter is having terrible right sided abdominal pain,what should we doéâ€� What are you going to tell heré (DR.LOU PAPA)Well, I would want to get a little more detail on her abdominal pain. I mean, she is doubled overé Is she vomitingé

Does she have any feversé (DR.PETER SALGO)It doesn't say she's vomiting, but it says it's severe, severe, severe. (DR.LOU PAPA)See, it's hard to do a lot over the phone, but the main thing is you want to see is ifit's something that can wait until the morning but if she's having severe abdominal painwhere she's doubled over she probably needs evaluation at that point. (DR.PETER SALGO)Okay, so what do you tell momé

(DR.LOU PAPA)Tell mom to take her to the emergency room. (DR.PETER SALGO)To the emergency room. Does it matter that she's a pull vaulterand a long distance runneré (DR.LOU PAPA)That means she can get there faster. ((Laughs)) (DR.PETER SALGO)This is why we love primary care s, they are so pragmatic. (DR.LOU PAPA)Just tell mom to keep up.


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