Epsom Salt Uses And Benefits

Hi it's AlaskaGranny do you have epsom saltsyour first aid kit well you should if you don't it is a natural pure mineral compound that Is make out of magnesium sulfate and oxygen it is all natural and you can buy itlittle cartons

or bigger containers this is just the size I buy did you know that it is great for awing toxins out of the body it is good for reducing inflammation and it can help soothe aching muscles say you had a hard day you participatedan athletic event put 2 cups epsom salts into your hot bath and soak for 20 minutes

and it will soothe all of your sore muscles and make you feel better if you get a splinter or bee sting take 2 tablespoons dissolve ita little dish with water and soak your finger or toe to help aw out the stinger the splinter or soothe your sting or bite you can use it to feed plants if you put 2 tablespoons into a gallon of water you can use it as a nutrient supplement

to your houseplants and if you areyour garden sprinkle some of th epsom salts maybe a tablespoon into the hole before you plant peppers and tomatoes it enhances the soil helps them to grow better it is also great for tile cleaner put 14 cup of epsom salts with 14 cup dish soap and brush and scrub tile

it will come clean some people say this is good for cleaning your skin I think it is a bit abrasive I wouldn't put it on anything like my face if you mix it with olive oil you could scrub it on your hands to help soften them be careful how much scrubbing you do it is a nice soothing inexpensive remedy

to have on hand for emergencies where you might not feel well and this could help you feel better I like to store ita jar to make sure that it doesn't get moistureit so it will last longer think about putting epsom saltyour


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