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now you never want to ink acid waterbut it's really great for gargling I don't even need to buy mouthwashanymore before I brush my teeth i pour a glass of acidic level 1 and keep it on the sink after I brush Irinse my mouth with it and let me tell you it's a great feeling very fresh and clean I also wash myface with the acidic level 1 Tyent callesit beauty water and that'sexactly what it is it's the same pH as your skin and willhelp your skin look clear and radiant

I saved a ton of money on skin careproducts since getting my ionizer and try washing your hair with alittle level 1 acid water and watch some magic happen now acidiclevel 2 is a great antiseptic so when my kids skin their knees or getlittle cuts I wash their minor wounds with that andi cant feel good about it because I always prefer using all naturalremedies when I can now check this out the acidic water hasa turbo function as well I is this highly acidic water to cleanand sanitize my kitchen counters

bathroom sinks almost any other placeI would have used abrasive cleaners before using this water is great because Idon't have those nasty chemical smells after I've cleaned and my hands don't feel rough next I'mgonna show you be h2o icon pressing this will give you pure cleanwater that's neither alkaline or acidic itsimply water that's been filtered through Tyent excellent filters ourculture filters have the same filtering

capability as the kidney dialysis machine to giveyou the purest water you would use this water if you weretaking time release medicine are making a bottle a formula for yourbaby think about how much money you will save every single month no more bottled waterno more vegetable cleaners no more mouthwash skincare potions haircare concoctionsand say goodbye to harmful cleaning

supplies the MMP replaces all these products Tyent USA the industry leader.

What Causes Plaque Psoriasis

He my friend, health guru Mike here with ashort tutorial on what causes plaque psoriasis now I used to have psoriasis myselfpretty badly and so and if you're suffering from it as well I can relate sorry if that's the case but let meassure you sir Isis is curable it's not terrible though if you rely onugs and most of the treatments that conventional physicians and the UnitedStates typically offer but it is curable what causes plaque psoriasis isessentially disease inside the body

it's not caused by your skinmalfunctioning it's not caused by your genetics genetics may make certainpeople a bit more susceptible to psoriasis but it doesn't cause plaque surprisesthat's the important thing to understand so don't think that because you hadpsoriasis for a while that you're doomed to suffer from it forever that's not thecase essentiallymost cases of plaque psoriasis what's going on is that toxinsfrom inside the body whether it be toxins that are naturally produced fromthe body's own processes or toxins that

you're takingthe food or air orwater essentially toxins inside the body are not being expelled efficiently viathe the bodies preferred methods of detoxifiion such as sending toxinsout via the urine and bowel movements so instead these toxins build upyourjoints or as a last resort your body dumps these toxins out beingyour skin causing plaques on this and this is actually very crediblesome of the keys are cleaning up your diet you can't be eating junk food andinking sodas and expecting to be cured

of psoriasis typically people with psoriasis havebeen eating either junk food such as sugary stuff for sugary beverages oreating foods made from flour or inking a good deal of alcohol essentially you generally need to cleanup your diet eat plenty of you know fresh vegetables and fruits and plentyof fiber and you can take certain supplements such as probiotics andomega3 fatty acid supplements and i'll put links and further info on those inthe description box underneath this

tutorial and just so you know to help you abit more than I canthis short tutorial I created a course on how to cure thisrice is naturally which I make available for free you don't have to pay anything and youshould see an iconthe upper corner of this tutorial right about now that youcan click to join and participatethat course or also put info on it inthe description box underneath this tutorial so essentially again what causes plaquepsoriasis is toxicity that's built up

inside the body that then comes out theyour skin as plaques or asus and you can clean that up bycleaning up your diet and using other measures and also candida or type ofyeast that may growyour intestines that can also lead to play exercises bydumping a lot of toxins into your body and taking those probiotics i mentionedcan help replace those candida yeast with the beneficial bacteria that belongin your column and that way all those toxins are not being dumped out yourbeing your skin causing plaque psoriasis if you want we're info on what I'vetalked about this tutorial just checked out


Psoriasis Cure

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