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Hello Ladies Hello Please let me know what is your problemé I came with courage Don't lie, i have brought her here see her condition i didn't understand

Tell me frankly what is your problem she married 3 years back but still don't have kids she is worried and don't share the problem with anybody We are friends since college but i have never seen her worried like this

Don't worry now you are here so you can share with me what can i say that i can't be a mother or on bed . or should i die Tell me one thing Is your husband fine é

Yes he' s fine may be your husband is suffering from Premature Ejaculation Premature Ejaculation don't worry If a man is not able to delay the ejaculation as per women's need then it is called premature ejaculation also called early ejaculation which is like a enemycouple's life

due to which life gets ruined and its not your mistake but this things are not with my husband he has sexual desire but after 1 or 2 minutes . i feel that if i say something he will feel bad

Many People ejaculate very early during sex some people immediately after sex and some people after watching women Some people ejaculate due to talking dirty, watching porn films or even just by woman touch what is the reason é there is no any clear cause for it due to lack of sexual experience


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