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Transcript for Psoriasis Treatment Lone SkinDisorer Lone has psoriasis. The following pictures were taken before Lonestared using MentoNeem Ointment. Annotation: Lone uses MentoNeem Ointmentin her prosriasis treatment. Lone after 2 months usage of MentoNeem Ointment To receeive more information go to mentoneem just click the link below

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SkinKind products help Ballet Dancer with Psoriasis

now a young dancer whose career wasthreatened by a debilitating skin condition is back on the stage after discovering agroundbreaking treatment but offering hope to thousands of peoplesuffering from the same symptoms Sarah Lewis who's from Cross Hills nearKeighley had severe psoriasis and linked to its a form of arthritis the made it impossible for her toperform well as Lisa Adlam explains relief

was around the corner preparing toreturn to Germany where her career as a dancer and choreographer is flourishing a career Sarah Lewisfears could be over almost before it had begun when she was struck down by psoriaticarthritis which inflamed and stiffened her jointsmaking it difficult to walk let alone to dance it just stopped memy tracks and itwas like someone turned a light switch

on and I have since then been like fighting forand then I was on a lot mediion stop me from dancing for at least a year and a half properly and you know I was absolutely likedespare Ithought that was it I was done! sarah's form of arthritis is connectedto the skin condition psoriasis which is affected her since she was nineyears old it's caused when skin grows too quickly and resultsred and scalypatches

which covered many parts to Sarah'sbody until she found a treatment being produced by a companynearby Silsden its natural remedy psoriasis is nowproving so successful many GP's a making it available onprescription like Sarah she's very happy with the fact that she's now using theproduct that's naturally biased there's no steroidsit and she knowsyou can use it for the rest of your life which with psoriasis she will have to.Our product isn't a cure

but it does enable them to managetheir situation. I remember being covered like my faceand I lost my hairline it went back and everything. I was covered it wasn'ta miracle it didn't work overnight and I had to be patient I guess if you want itand you want to feel normal and good you know it does make a bigdifference. To continue dancingcontemperery productions like this one a solo hourlong performance, Sarah stillneeds medical treatment

for her arthritis, but she says thenatural remedy for psoriasis is for her equally vitalprotecting what is the tool of her trade. Lisa Adlam reporting.

Safadi Discusses Allergy Topics Duration 2450

good evening I have been eagerlyanticipating this evening to discuss a common medicalproblem all of us face.It's allergies It is my privilege to introduce our guest forthis evening Safadi he was academically trainedallergyspecialty from Cleveland and we are proud to have him aswellknown expertour community Safadi welcome to our show.Thanks for having me. Thank you

The first question I want to ask iswhat's the definition of allergy Allergy is an overreaction of the immune keep things that areforeign to our bodies from getting inside soa way it's protecting us from thoseforeign objects whether its pollen or dust miteor allergens but it tends to overreact where the protection becomes aproblem

and you end up with more symptoms andmore sneezing and itching and coughing and wheezing secondary to that.How common is it as a problemé Like what's the percentage of the population suffering from an allergy problemthe United State studies over last couple of decades have short to beanywhere from ten to twenty percent of the population

being affected. .There has been some studies that showed an increasethe prevalence of allergiesthelast decade or so especially noted with food allergies that have been on the rise as well and what could be the reason for thaté There are many theories. nothing is for sure about those but the most viable is the presence of the clean environment theory.

the immune system was usedthe past tofight off diseases and infections that we haveeliminated and at least some of the theories postulate that we end up with our immunesystem shifting from these bacterial infectionfightingabilities to become more allergic to many things and and I'm sure there's a differentlevel of allergy ,there's some

of it which is the mild one and there's some of itwhich is a severe one distinguishing between the two becauseit I think if all of us think that we have some kindof allergy, otherwisethat case everybody would be your patient so andyou'll be happy probably butreality when should the patient go to theallergist we always go to our family or ourpediatrician and tell them


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