How to Psoriasis Treatment Skin Disorder

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What You Should Know About Psoriatic Arthritis

hello guys welcome to this tutorial whatyou should know about psoriatic arthritis brightest did you know morethan 1 million peoplethe US live with psoriatic arthritis psoriaticarthritis or PSA is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized byswelling pain and tenderness of the joints PSA can be challenging evendebilitating and can impact a person's common daytoday activities such aswalking up the stairs iving a car and doing launy PSA affects so many peopleyet most people still don't know much about it or understanding and eduethe community about the disease the

National psoriasis foundation andCelgene have teamed up to mark Wednesday September 28 as the firstever psoriaticarthritis awareness day people are encouraged to join the movement atgodaddy where they can learn more about PSA with patient tools anesources help spread the word via their social channels using the hashtag hashsad day 16to stand up and be counted for those living with this diseasedisease what most people may not know is that psoriatic arthritis is associatedwith the skin condition psoriasisfacteightyfive percent of PSApatients psoriasis occurs before joint

disease symptoms usually appear betweenthe ages of 30 and 50 but can start as early as childhood PSA also affects bothmen and women equally while there is no cure p as it can be managed early recognitiondiagnosis and treatment are critical to relieve the pain and inflammation ofpsoriatic arthritis brightest psoriatic arthritis symptoms are sometimesconfused with other types of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis gout and reactive arthritis which maycontribute to the disease being

frequently underreported andmisdiagnosed that is why it is important to know these five factors associatedwith PSA his fingernails swollen fingers and toes foot pain inattendance or ligament joint stiffness and or pain and a personal or familyhistory of psoriasis if you are experiencing any of these symptoms contact your healthcare provider thanksfor watch this tutorial this tutorial yeah.

All about Psoriatic Arthritis

All about Psoriatic Arthritis What is Psoriatic Arthritisé Psoriatic Arthritis is a systematic rheumatic and chronic disease that is characterized by skin inflammation which is a characteristic of psoriasis and swollen joints which is a characteristic of arthritis. People who have psoriatic arthritis actually have red and inflamed skin often with scaling. Those who suffer from psoriasis are also those who are most likely

to be affected by psoriatic arthritis. There are instances when joint problems first occur before skin lesions appear. What Causes Psoriatic Arthritisé When the immune system of our body starts attacking the healthy cells and tissues, Psoriatic Arthritis happens. This atypical reaction of the immune system causes swellingjoints and overproduction of skin cells. There is still not a clear explanation as to why the immune system

attacks healthy tissue but it is said that genes and other factors could attribute to the development of the disease. People who have a family history of arthritis or psoriasis are most likely to develop psoriatic arthritis. On the other hand, environmental factors such as trauma or viral or bacterial infection may also cause psoriatic arthritis to those who may inherit it. Is there any treatment for Psoriatic Arthritisé As of the moment, health experts say that the only cure for

psoriatic arthritis is to keep a healthy weight. Performing warm water therapy may helplessening the joint stiffness while placing ice on the swollen joint may also alleviate it. Mediions will also be prescribed to those who are diagnosed with the disease.


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