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Transcript for Psoriasis Treatment Lone SkinDisorer Lone has psoriasis. The following pictures were taken before Lonestared using MentoNeem Ointment. Annotation: Lone uses MentoNeem Ointmentin her prosriasis treatment. Lone after 2 months usage of MentoNeem Ointment To receeive more information go to mentoneem just click the link below

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What is Turmeric Good For 10 Turmeric Health Benefits

What is Turmeric Good Foré 10 Turmeric Health Benefits Lots of people use the turmeric herbtheircooking. The main signs of turmeric are its pepperlike smell, sharp taste, and golden color. Turmeric is known to stop swelling, kill bacteriaand viruses, as well as many other things. It is also full of nutrients, like protein,dietary fiber, niacin, Vitamins C, E, and K, calcium, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium,and zinc. Because of this, turmeric is a great thingto use to cure health problems.

Here are the top ten things turmeric can beused for: • Prevents CancerTurmeric can block prostate cancer and even kill cancer cells. It can also stop tumor cells from growing,so it can guard the body from getting cancerthe first place. • Relieves ArthritisBecause turmeric brings down swelling, it's great to use for osteoarthritis and rheumatoidarthritis. It also kills germs that harm body cells.

People with rheumatoid arthritis who eat turmericall the time have gotten much rest from pain and joint swelling. • Controls DiabetesTurmeric can help cure diabetes, by keeping insulin at normal levels. It also helps with sugar control, and makesthe medicine used for diabetes work. But if used with strong medicines, turmericcan cause low blood sugar, so make sure to ask your before you take turmeric capsules. • Reduces Cholesterol LevelsUsing turmeric as a spice can bring down cholesterol

levels. Because high cholesterol can cause other healthproblems, it is important to stay on top of it to stop heart disease. • Immunity BoosterTurmeric helps keep the body's immune system going. It also helps strengthen the immune system,because it kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This stops you from getting colds, coughs,and the flu. To help you feel better if you do get sick,mix one teaspoon of turmerica glass of

warm milk and ink it once a day. • Heals WoundsBecause turmeric naturally kills germs and bacteria, it can be used to clean wounds. If you have a cut or burn, sprinkle some turmericpowder on it to help it heal quicker. It can also help treat psoriasis itchy, deadskin and other skin conditions. • Weight ManagementTurmeric powder can help keep the body at a proper weight, by helping break down fat. Someone who wants to lose weight or treatobesity and sicknesses that come with it,

can have one teaspoon of turmeric with everymeal. • Prevents Alzheimer's DiseaseSwelling of the brain is one of the main reasons for cognitive disorders, like Alzheimer'sdisease. Turmeric can keep the brain healthy, by helpingoxygen flow. This can also slow down or totally stop Alzheimer'sdisease. • Improves DigestionTurmeric can help with digestion, by lessening bloating and gas. It can also help treat inflammatory boweldisease.


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