What Causes Plaque Psoriasis

He my friend, health guru Mike here with ashort tutorial on what causes plaque psoriasis now I used to have psoriasis myselfpretty badly and so and if you're suffering from it as well I can relate sorry if that's the case but let meassure you sir Isis is curable it's not terrible though if you rely onugs and most of the treatments that conventional physicians and the UnitedStates typically offer but it is curable what causes plaque psoriasis isessentially disease inside the body

it's not caused by your skinmalfunctioning it's not caused by your genetics genetics may make certainpeople a bit more susceptible to psoriasis but it doesn't cause plaque surprisesthat's the important thing to understand so don't think that because you hadpsoriasis for a while that you're doomed to suffer from it forever that's not thecase essentiallymost cases of plaque psoriasis what's going on is that toxinsfrom inside the body whether it be toxins that are naturally produced fromthe body's own processes or toxins that

you're takingthe food or air orwater essentially toxins inside the body are not being expelled efficiently viathe the bodies preferred methods of detoxifiion such as sending toxinsout via the urine and bowel movements so instead these toxins build upyourjoints or as a last resort your body dumps these toxins out beingyour skin causing plaques on this and this is actually very crediblesome of the keys are cleaning up your diet you can't be eating junk food andinking sodas and expecting to be cured

of psoriasis typically people with psoriasis havebeen eating either junk food such as sugary stuff for sugary beverages oreating foods made from flour or inking a good deal of alcohol essentially you generally need to cleanup your diet eat plenty of you know fresh vegetables and fruits and plentyof fiber and you can take certain supplements such as probiotics andomega3 fatty acid supplements and i'll put links and further info on those inthe description box underneath this

tutorial and just so you know to help you abit more than I canthis short tutorial I created a course on how to cure thisrice is naturally which I make available for free you don't have to pay anything and youshould see an iconthe upper corner of this tutorial right about now that youcan click to join and participatethat course or also put info on it inthe description box underneath this tutorial so essentially again what causes plaquepsoriasis is toxicity that's built up

inside the body that then comes out theyour skin as plaques or asus and you can clean that up bycleaning up your diet and using other measures and also candida or type ofyeast that may growyour intestines that can also lead to play exercises bydumping a lot of toxins into your body and taking those probiotics i mentionedcan help replace those candida yeast with the beneficial bacteria that belongin your column and that way all those toxins are not being dumped out yourbeing your skin causing plaque psoriasis if you want we're info on what I'vetalked about this tutorial just checked out

Chikungunya with Jacksene MMS Testimony

Hello, This is Reverend Joseph from the Genesis II Church I just wanted to bring you an update on the young manthat we visited 2 days ago His name is Jacksene and he had what was an extremely high feverI brought him some CDS solution at 5ppm and he has come over to visit me today. And he wants to tell his own story.And he is going to say ithis language which is spanish So I am goign to turn it over to Jacksene here. He understands French also, so I will speak to himFrench And ask him to update us on what he did.

The other day I was feeling sick, but today I am feeling much betterThanks to the Genesis II Church I thank them and Joseph also! He is doing many good things here with these people I am feeling great now. Ok! Thank you for your time.

Sante Barley the new approachhealth

you know that almost 25 million Filipino have hypertension 2 out 5 Filipino might have diabetes and always we are at top 20 countries that have diabetesthe world we cant deny that so many people that have cancerPhilippines and the cancer is one of the cause of deaththe world all that example have so many decease due to unhealthy lifestyle cigarette smoking excessive inking eating processed food lack of exercise stressthe work that cant helpour health

our body has ability to fight sickness or self healing that what we call. we just need healthy lifestyle and natural way to strengthen so thatquot;s why people start to use natural way ,constantly verifiable its ability to make healthy our body natural products for natural healing why is it ok the product natural many affiliates harmful side effects the conventional medicine just as other treatable of infection but could deafen lose sight most of all internal organs affected just as liver kidneys But there's good news did you know that there's a company herePhilippines you can trust the quality of natural organic product

that will helpour health and wellness this is Sante international the barley company I pointed out before the word barley do you know what the barley grass this is based13 years research by yoshide hagiwara a scientist inventor and parmacologist not just the barley grass it is recognized by science have the most nutrients All corrosive plantIt considered complete total food the barley grass is completevitamins minerals amino acids enzymes plus chlorophyll phytonutrients and phytochemicals that the body needed to strengthen the immune system and to avoid eaded disease like cancer the barley grass and it helps to plush out the harmful toxinour body. the antioxidant is a substance that help protect our body from harmfull free radicals the free radical is natural that produceour body when we eat or we expose smoke and other environmental hazards

it can cause heart disease,diabetes,cancer and other diseases. but because of antioxidant we are protected this kind of diseases and not only that the benefits of barley grass it improves the health of our colon its lowers bad chlolesterol helps relieve gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions improve blood circulation help minimize body odor it balances acidityour body usefullowering blood sugar levels aids digestion delays aging process so many benefitsbarley. it is provenu.s food and ug administration.the capability of barley to prevent illnessheart.if you are sick barley grass will strengthen your body to resist the living bacteria and virus awesome is not it. one of the oldest crops barleythe world .almost 8000 years man planting barley but theirs some differences barley other placesthe world so thatquot;s why Sante international make sure the fresh pure unadulterated. certified organic their being imported the barley grass came from new zealand

we are here now barley plannew Zealand right now you see the process of harvesting the barley this is 4 hectare plantation If you notice remember not all who says organic their product really organic. but the barley grass of SANTE by certified bybio gro new zealand .you are sure that the product of sante barley international is at top notchterms of quality that s why if SANTE organic barley grass .IF organic barley grass sante from a kind of good grass sante made different organic products the current needs of people First and foremost of these is the barley purethe name itself we know is pure organicbarley grass do you know that to produce 10 kilos vegetable barley capsule it needs 100 kilos of fresh barley grass and for the likes of refreshing inks theirs sante pure barley Zealand with stevia they contain fresh pure organic barley grassthe morning is nice to ink delicious coffee activate our system theirs sante barley fusion with robusta coffe

they are 100 percent pure mixture of young barley grass and robusta coffee health benifits of barley grass and coffe are combinedthis product before i have hypertension suddenly felt I could hurt my neck then head. now. i cuntinuely inking the product of Sante the barley now my neck is not hurt anymorethe year 2009 i m diagnosed to have a prostate cancer i have 3 illness that time i have diabetes,high blood, prostate cancer i ink 5 medicine. im very thin that time I know that time i gonna die lost apite for food was no apite for life seems to yield me.but I said that given the opportunity by God to live that was the most beautiful when i go back to Philippines suddenly i met sante barley I started to ink I ink I feel I am strengthened by barley then im become healthy. lost my knee pain


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