Psoriatic arthritis psoriasis linked to other medical conditions

Why do patients with psoriatic arthritis oftenhave other disease conditions like diabetes and hypertensioné The answer coming up Proteinblood links psoriasis to othermetabolic conditions Heidi Splete writingRheumatology Newsreported that the concentration of a protein known to be involvedinsulin resistancewas significantly higherserum of both lean and obese psoriasis patients, based ondata from 80 adults. The protein also is upregulatedpsoriatic skin lesions, noted SaschaGerdes of the University Medical Center SchleswigHolstein, Kiel, Germany, and colleagues.

Comment: This makes sense and probably meanss need to be on the lookout for other problems when they see a patient with psoriasisor psoriatic arthritis.


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