Overview Stelara a Prescription Mediion Used to Treat Adults with Psoriasis

Stelara is a prescription mediion usedto treat adults with psoriasis. It is also approved to treat moderatetosevere psoriaticarthritis. Stelara belongs to a group of ugs known as monoclonal antibodies. It works bybinding to specific proteins of the body that are involvedinflammation and immune response,thereby preventing these proteins from binding to other cells and causing the symptoms ofpsoriasis.This mediion comesan injectable form to be given just under the skin by ahealthcare provider. Common side effects include upper respiratory tract infections, headache,and tiredness.

HIVAIDS Repliion 3D Medical Animation

white blood cells which are produced inthe bones are a major component of the body's immune system when an infectiousorganisms such as a virus or bacteria enters the body the white blood cells of the first lineof defense for destroying the invading organism infection with certainorganisms however can have serious effects on the immune system aids oracquired immune deficiency synome is a disorder that is caused by infectionwith the human immunodeficiency virus HIV this virus attaches to the surfaceof specific white blood cells called T

cells and is therefore able to reproduceand continued production of the virus as more and more of the bodies healthy tcells become infected with HIV the body's immune system becomescompromised as a result if another foreign organismenters the body the white blood cells are unable tofight the new infection and serious illness can resultaddition there aremany illnesses that person is infected with HIV are more susceptible fordeveloping there are persons with healthy immune systems a diagnosis ofAIDS is made after tcell counts reach

and dangerously low level and bloodtests confirm the presence of antibodies to HIV indiing that the virus ispresentthe body symptoms of AIDS may not appear for five to ten years afterbeing infected with HIV.


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