Psoriasis Risks Are More Than Skin Deep

I'm Gabe Garza with today's health news. Ifyou're familiar with psoriasis, you know that it's more than just a rash—it'sa chronic autoimmune skin disease that can be debilitating. And now new research suggestsa possible connection between psoriasis and other conditions. According to a press releaseissued by the JAMA Network Journals, a new study of Danish twins found a connection betweenpsoriasis and type 2 diabetes, obesity and body mass index (BMI). The findings also suggesteda possible genetic cause between psoriasis and obesity. Psoriasis is a skin disease thatspeeds up the growth cycles of skin cells. According to the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention (CDC), psoriasis causes patches

of thick red skin and silvery scales thatmostly appear on the elbows, knees, back, scalp, face, palms and soles of feet. It isnot contagious. Although the authors suggested that the connection between psoriasis andobesity is genetic, they said they can't infer causation. Psoriasis could cause somepeople to live a more sedentary lifestyle which could contribute to obesity and diabetes.Visit dailyRx for more information.

UV Nail yers Update DermTV Epi 489

UV lights usednail treatments and the possible development of skin canceron fingers were discusseda previous DermTV episode. Important new information on the alleged risksof these UV exposures warrants this eyeopening update. Hello I'm Neal Schultz pause

And welcome to DermTV. Unprotected exposure to any UV light is badfor your skin. Period. In the first DermTV episode on UV nail treatments, I quoted a report from a reputable dermatologyjournal from 2009which two women who regularly receivedUV nail treatments developed squamous cell cancer on their fingers. This raised concernthe dermatologic community as well as for the public about the safetyof these treatments

and their risk of causing skin cancer. Spokespersons for the nail industry have beenadamantinsisting that there is no danger and they correctly state that two cases ofskin cancerthese UV nail yer users do not prove that UV nail yers caused theirskin cancers. While the type of UV light emitted by thesenail yers is the same type usedmany tanning salons and has the wavelength which is known to causepremature photoaging

of the skin and skin cancer, the issue comesdown to dose: Do you really get a strong enough dose duringthe 510 minute treatment to be able to cause or even just contributeto skin canceré The original report from 2009 implied thatyou do. In December 2012, a Letter to the Editorthe Journal of InvestigativeDermatology, one of the most prestigious research dermatologyjournals, adessed this issue. The authors did extensive testing with threecommon UV nail lamp devices

which they were able to determine, withrelative confidence, the actual dose of UV light that the fingersare exposed to during these treatments. They then compared that dose to other medicaltreatments done for Psoriasis which are thought to be safe and use similarUV light. The authors concluded that the dose of UVlight even from regular use of these UV nail lamps is probably not sufficient to cause skin cancer. This report should be reassuring to most people

that UV nail lamps may not represent an imminentthreat to causing skin cancer. However, while the nail industry insists thatthese treatments are safe, and the informationthe letter I just mentionedI believe is accurate and reliable, the instructions with the UV nail lamps explicitlystate. “The UV radiation from sunshine or UV facilities�– meaning this lamp – “may cause injuryto skin. Repeated overexposure to UV radiation maycause skin aging and increase the incidence of skin cancer.�


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