What Are Some Home Remedies For Psoriasis Home Remedies to Treat Psoriasis Naturally

What are Some Home Remedies for Psoriasisé Psoriasis can be a painful condition. A qualified physician should always treatadvanced cases. However, there are some ways to treat mildercases with a range of home remedies. One of the things about psoriasis is thatthe condition makes the skin y, with a predilection toward flaking and itching. Using some sort of appliion that will helpprovide moisture for the skin will go a long wayhelping with the condition.

Lactic acid moisturizers that are purchasedover the counter at the ugstore can work very well. Bag balm and cow cream can be applied aftera shower, while the skin is still relatively supple and moist. Also, garlic oil that is rubbed into the ypatch before bedtime can help keep down the itching and also moisten the skin. Essentially, anything that can be used asan emollient will do the trick. This means you can use a dab of roleumjelly rubbed into the skin, or even vegetable

shortening. Using the power of light has brought reliefto some people with this condition. A homeopathic physician can advise on theproper way to administer ultraviolet light treatments at home, including how to set upthe necessary equipment and how long the treatments should last. UVB sun lamps are easy to find and purchase,but they do have to be operated with care. Too much exposure through multiple treatmentsin a short period of time may cause the psoriasis to worsen rather than alleviate the condition.

There is a school of thought that believesfood allergies can worsen psoriasis. If this appears to be the case, then first,eliminate foods from the diet that may be causing a minor allergic reaction. At the same time, try a glutenfree diet fora month and see what happens. Removing wheat, oats, rye and barley fromdaily consumption has workedhelping to lessen the severity of a number of skin conditions. Second, add foods that are richVitaminsA, B complex, D, and E to the diet. Supplement with such herbs as capsicum, redclover, and golden seal.

These help promote healthy skin, and may bejust what is needed to bring the skin under control. Visit the website. Below.


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