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now you never want to ink acid waterbut it's really great for gargling I don't even need to buy mouthwashanymore before I brush my teeth i pour a glass of acidic level 1 and keep it on the sink after I brush Irinse my mouth with it and let me tell you it's a great feeling very fresh and clean I also wash myface with the acidic level 1 Tyent callesit beauty water and that'sexactly what it is it's the same pH as your skin and willhelp your skin look clear and radiant

I saved a ton of money on skin careproducts since getting my ionizer and try washing your hair with alittle level 1 acid water and watch some magic happen now acidiclevel 2 is a great antiseptic so when my kids skin their knees or getlittle cuts I wash their minor wounds with that andi cant feel good about it because I always prefer using all naturalremedies when I can now check this out the acidic water hasa turbo function as well I is this highly acidic water to cleanand sanitize my kitchen counters

bathroom sinks almost any other placeI would have used abrasive cleaners before using this water is great because Idon't have those nasty chemical smells after I've cleaned and my hands don't feel rough next I'mgonna show you be h2o icon pressing this will give you pure cleanwater that's neither alkaline or acidic itsimply water that's been filtered through Tyent excellent filters ourculture filters have the same filtering

capability as the kidney dialysis machine to giveyou the purest water you would use this water if you weretaking time release medicine are making a bottle a formula for yourbaby think about how much money you will save every single month no more bottled waterno more vegetable cleaners no more mouthwash skincare potions haircare concoctionsand say goodbye to harmful cleaning

supplies the MMP replaces all these products Tyent USA the industry leader.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

Hey guys, Axe here, of naturalmedicine and founder of axe . Today, I want to talk about chia seeds and the manyhealth benefits of chia seeds and how you can use themyour daily life. Now, chia seeds were used by Mayan and Incanwarriors. They were called warrior food. Now today, oftentimes runners call them runners'food. But again, before that they were called warriors food. And the reason is chia seeds are so high innutrients, specifically they're highomega3 fats, they're highB vitamins and they'realso highcertain minerals like selenium.

So we know that chia seeds have great benefits.And if you're looking for a boost of energy, I've got a great recipe I'll share with youat the endusing chia seeds. But again, the reason why chia is so goodand is actually known as warriors' food, the warriors would carry a little pouch on theirbelt and they would say one tablespoon of chia is worth a day's energy. So when theywerebattle having to fight they would use it. And this is proven today with medicalstudies. In fact, a recent study was publishedthe Journal of Strength and Conditioningand they found that consuming chia seeds was as energizing as consuming Gatorade or a popularsports ink.

So we know that chia is great for energy levelsbecause it contains a small amount of complex carbohyates, but lots of healthy fat andprotein. In fact, chia seeds are your highest plantbased source of protein along with anothersuperfood called spirulina. Now, chia seeds are beneficial for a few otherreasons. Number one, omega3 fats. We know omega3 fats reduce inflammation so that canhelp fight heart disease, it can help fight joint pain or arthritis, anything that's inflammatory,any inflammatory condition, chia seeds can help with that. Chia seeds are also highfiber so theycan support fat loss. We know fiber helps

keeps you full longer, it helps cleanse thecolon. And chia seeds have a unique type of fiber called mucilaginous fiber which is whyit sort of gels up. And so you can use chia seeds to detox the colon and so a great formof fiber. I put several tablespoonsa superfood smoothie. Also, it's a great natural mineralsupplement. It's highminerals, it's highvitamins, using it that way as well. Now, some of my favorite recipes for chia.One is to do a chia seed super shake. I'll putone cup of blueberries, two to threetablespoons of chia and go and do a superfood smoothie.

Also, chia seed pudding. Because chia hasmucilaginous properties, it will sort of get that gellike texture, which makes it greatto add into a pudding. So you can make a vanilla pudding or a chocolate pudding using somenatural protein powder. You can even search on my site or search Axe chia seed puddingor chia pudding and I've got recipes there on my website, you can check out as well. And a few other thoughts here with chia. Ilove using it as an energy boosting snack. In fact, I'll mix chia with coconut oil anda op of peppermint oil. And that's something that I'll do if I'm going out and trainingfor a triathlon. So again, chia seeds, coconut

oil, peppermint oil, it is the ultimate energyboosting snack. And one other unique thing about chia seedsis they can be used to replace eggs. So if you have a recipe and you're wanting to goeggfree, because eggs are so often connected to food allergies and food sensitivities,do one tablespoon of chia to three tablespoons of water, mix that and it can replace an eggin any recipe. Hey guys, if you want to learn more aboutthe benefits of chia seeds, check out my website axe , that's DRAXE . Also, makesure to subscribe here to the YouTube channel. I've got some great natural remedies and superfoods, coming up with some more information


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