Arthritis Care xeljanz baldness

Off label use of an arthritis ug grows hair…huhé OffLabel Arthritis ug Treatment HelpedYale Patient Grow Hair CBS News reported that Yale University researcherssay a patient with almost no hair grew a full head of hair after offlabel treatment withan arthritis ug. Assistant professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine Brett King called the treatment of the patient with what's known as alopecia universalis“a huge step forward,â€� even though they have tried it successfully on only one patientso far. The 25yearold patient has grown eyebrowsand eyelashes as well as facial hair and hair

elsewhere on his body. He had been referredto Yale Dermatology for treatment of psoriasis, not the baldness. King says they treatedboth the psoriasis and the alopecia with an existing FDAapproved ug for rheumatoidarthritis called tofacitinib citrate. He grew a full head of hair with no reported sideeffectseight months. Comment: My bald patients with rheumatoidarthritis have been clamoring for this treatment.


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