The situation is very serious. I'm making noise with that Why do single girls stop waxing or perform waxing only before a date é Here I mean swimsuit,pubes, crotch, groins. This very area. Why do they epilate with a viewto having a possible sexual relation é Warning !

Everyone does what they want with their body. It belongs to them.they do what they want with their body. Okay. We agree. As long as they'repeace with themselves. I was that kind of girl that worriesabout the state of her own hair removal before a date. I was that type of girl. So when I stopped being this.

I was humiliated. Some made me feel that I did not do the right thing, I let myself go,I was hairy while most of these poor guyshad surely never seen a pubic hairits natural state. Moreover, I'm not particularly hairy. I have this opportunity.

I will show you. Here, here's my crotch ! There's a bump becauseI have a small knot on my panties. Here are my pants ! Here is my pubic region ! My hair, my hair, my hair is here. All my hair is here,

the space between my fingers, I'm hairy. I'll show you what the pubic regionof Sanine Bonnaire looks like' Police ' by Maurice Pialat. Look out ! I am here ! Sanine is there, that's it ! Type on Internet : labia, hairy,vagina, hair, natural, vulval,

labia, sex, vagina, hairy, hair, pubic, pubic hair, Type, type. Look, look at all the images. Is the hair ugly é Is the hair dirty é Does the hair smell é Stink é Is the hair soft é


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