Psoriasis And White Spots

This is quot; Lin Is In: Linking Science WithNaturequot; Hi I'm Mark Alyn along with Michael Lin and today we're gonna talk about treatmentsfor white spots and psoriasis. Let's talk about psoriasis first that's where you getreally ugly patchy skin on elbows, feet, handsé Right yeah, actually psoriasis has a lot ofdifferent presentations but that's the most common where people get red scaly plaqueson the elbows, knees or scalp. Oh on the scalp tooé And it's one it's it's not it's not prettyis it dangerous can it be become something worseé Well they've done some recent researchinto it and it seems like people with psoriasis are actually at increased risk for other medicalproblems including heart disease and cancer.

Oh wow. So you gotta get rid of it you wannaget rid of ité So you want to treat your psoriasis. Uh I understand that psoriasis also can beemotional, uh that people you know they get very stressed out the psoriasis has an outbreakéYes psoriasis has been linked to depression and even suicide, people that you know havepsoriasis some of them feel hopeless and they just don't even know what to do. There area lot of products that are being sold over the counter as psoriasis treatments but myunderstanding is that many of them don't worké Yes um most treatments you need at least aprescription strength mediion such as a steroid or a Vitamin D ointment but rightnow we're livinga great time for psoriasis

cause there is a lot of new treatments outthere um these include the excimer laser treatment, narrow band UVB, and then there is a wholeclass of mediions called the biologics. These are products like Enbril, Humira, orStelara and these have fantastic resultsgeneralized psoriasis. Let's take a look atthe laser for right now how does that worké Well the excimer laser has a high intensitynarrow bandfact it's only one band of wavelength and it's a 308 nm wavelength, it'sextremely effectivetreating psoriasis. And they you you apply the laser beamé Rightyeah you use the laser beam and it looks kind of like a wand you holdyour hand and youapply it right on the psoriasis plaques. So

you touch the skiné Yes yes. Ok. And thenwithin two weeks you can see significant improvement maybe even elimination of the psoriasis plaques.Do you have to go back for additional treatmentsé Well after you do your two week course thensometimes you get remission which may last many months to maybe even a year. Wow wellthat seems like a great great thing. It's a fantastic treatment. And what about thebiologics that you mentionedé So the biologics are a new class of mediion and they'reinjected under the skin so these attack the immune function of the body so right now withpsoriasis people have a hyper immunity so they're attacking their own body, now by usingthe biologics we're counteracting that hyper

immunity and calming it down. Wow, it's amazingas we've said the technology that exists todayhealthcare is truly amazing. That's correct.And works the same way on the white spots you were talking abouté Yesthe conditionof Vitiligo where people will have white spots on their body we also use the excimer laser,in fact it's the only treatment that we've had for a while that actually works well onVitiligo. It does take several treatments maybe up to 30, but it's the only thing that'sable to restore the pigment that's been lost. Wow the technology that is available todayfor healthcare is absolutely amazing. It is amazing. We've been spending some time with Michael Lin and of course this is quot;

Lin Is In: Linking Science With Naturequot; ifyou want information about these treatments you can always reach out to Lin and hiswebsite all you have to do is go to michaellin , michaellin or visit us at latenighthealth ,latenighthealth . I'm Mark Alyn we'll see you on the next edition.


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