Perioral Dermatitis

Welcome to Atlantic Dermatology, loed inWilmington, North Carolina. I'm Crane. I am a board certified dermatologist and I'mhere to talk about Perioral Dermatitis. Its a rash that almost looks like acne, but itcomes up just right around the mouth and when we see this rash right around the mouth, almostin a circular area, it looks like acne but its not over the rest of the face, thats whenwe think of Perioral Dermatitis. Perioral Dermatitis can occurpeople of all ages.It can occurmen and women, although its probably a little more commonwomen. Itsa little more common between the ages of ten and about forty. Its typically treated withtopical antibiotics, sometimes Azithromycin,

topical Clindamycin and you can put on thetopical antibiotic twice a day and then many times we will also add on an antibiotic bymouth, such as Doxycycline and you might take one of those pills a day. Usually within twoto three weeks theres a significant improvementthe Perioral Dermatitis and hopefully byabout a month, month and a half, its clear. Sometimes when you stop the topical mediionas well as the pills by mouth, the rash can come back. So we will typically taper downon the oral antibiotic, get them off the oral antibiotic. If they are still doing well,we look to taper the topical antibacterial mediions. So if your having a tough timewith a rash around your mouth, or Perioral

Dermatitis, then see your dermatologist.


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