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A blood test that predicts the prognosis forknee osteoarthritis… next CRP May Be Associated With Presence, ProgressionOf Bone Marrow Lesions In Patients With Knee OA.Susan London writingRheumatology News reported, “Creactive protein is associatedwith the presence and progression of bone marrow lesionspatients with osteoarthritisof the knee knee OA, according to data from a cohort study of 192 patients.reportedat the World Congress on Osteoarthritis.� The study found that “as patients' baselineCRP quartile increased, so did their odds of having bone marrow lesions (odds ratio,1.45) and worsening of those lesions during

followup (odds ratio, 1.56).� Comment: Interesting and I'd like to knowmore.

Kerosene and Kids Dont Mix

Hyocarbon poisonings and injurieskidsare higherthe summertime. I'm Erin White and this is a dailyRx Minute. Hyocarbonssuch as propane, methane and butane aremany homes and can pose serious risk to youngchilen. Common hyocarbon productsthe home include gasoline, lighter fluid and kerosene.Almost twice as many poisonings and injuries from hyocarbons occurredthe summer monthsthanthe winter months. Ask your pediatrician how to keep your child safe from hyocarbons.For dailyRx TV, I'm Erin White.


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