Psoriatic arthritis Apremilast Otezla new hope for psoriatic arthritis

What's new for psoriatic arthritisé Find outnext. Apremilast (Otezla). new hope for psoriaticarthritis The American College of Rheumatology putsout hotlines on new ugs. Here's the one on apremilast. Apremilast is the first oralagent approved by the FDA for the treatment of PsA. While its efficacy profile is modestcompared to biologic therapy, it has a favorable safety profile and the convenience of oraldosing. It may be most appropriate for patients with less severe joint and skin manifestationswho may not yet require a biologic DMARD. There are also emerging datapatients withpsoriasis only suggesting apremilast is moderately

efficacious for controlling skin disease.There are no radiographic data available for apremilast. Although apremilast has not beenassociated with an increaseoverall adverse events, infections, or malignancies, symptomsof depression, including suicidal thoughtsbehavior, and weight loss, have been reported. Comment: Safe but not as effective as I wouldlike.

Biologic Therapy Switching TNFs Can Work For Psoriatic Arthritis

Nancy Walsh writingMedPage Today reported,quot;Most patients with psoriatic arthritis responded well to a firstline biologic, but for manyof those who didn't initially respond, switching to another agent proved beneficial, a researcherreportedquot; at the annual meeting of the British Society for Rheumatology. During quot;a retrospectivesurvey that included 548 patients, 74% showed an adequate response to treatment with a tumornecrosis factor (TNF) inhibitor at 3 months, according to Meghna Jani, MBBS.quot; Meanwhile,quot;among 94 patients who switched to a second TNF inhibitor, 52% responded 'very well,'shequot; said. Comment: It works for rheumatoid disease sothis doesn't surprise me.


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