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Transcript for Psoriasis Treatment Lone SkinDisorer Lone has psoriasis. The following pictures were taken before Lonestared using MentoNeem Ointment. Annotation: Lone uses MentoNeem Ointmentin her prosriasis treatment. Lone after 2 months usage of MentoNeem Ointment To receeive more information go to mentoneem just click the link below

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How to Treat Danuff at Home Naturally with Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi everyone this is ife of ife360tv i usedto suffer a lot with danuff and wondered how to treat it naturally with apple cidervinegar to remove the fungus that is associated with it. It is something that i think is importantfor those who might be struggling with danuff. I get messages, ife how do you deal with danufféHow do you deal with y scalpé Apple cider vinegar is an important step. Before you continuegive a thumbs up, add on periscope, instagram and snapchat. I'm going to show you the processbut first I should explain. It is great to cleanse your hair but it is also great tokeep danuff at bay to stop itits tracks, but it is going to require you to do a littleextra work for a short period of time, in

the long run it will help. When you see danuff,eczema or psoriasis is getting out of control and you need to get it under wraps, I wouldsuggest you do this. I spray my scalp with apple cider vinegar, acv, undiluted, reallysoak itthere massage it, wrap it upa Tshirt and a shower cap and i leave it overnight.The next day I condition. If you see that you still have some danuff, do it again,I use it strong, straight from the bottle. The stronger it is the better it will be ateliminating danuff from your scalp. If you have deep conditioned your hair and thereis still build up of danuff you're going to want to repeat the process. It might take2 or 3 tries to really eliminate the danuff

you might want to do it over a long weekendwhen you know you have time to really let that Braggs apple cider vinegar soak intoyour scalp and then have to wash2 to 3 days. After about 3 days you will see thescalp is getting clean and the danuff is going to get eliminated overtime. Let' getinto it. I'm going to show you how I do it, let's go. Why does apple cider vinegar workéIt contains enzymes that are powerful enough to kill bacteria, and fungal infections. Danuffis caused by yeast, this bacteria on your scalp leads to dead skin cells that createa flaky and itchy situation.The stronger the apple cider vinegar is that better it is atkilling the danuff. However, if you need

to dilute the solution feel free to do so.Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and anti fungal properties that eliminate thefungus and brings life back to your hair and scalp. Danuff can prevent hair growth andeven causes hair loss. Here are some benefits of using apple cider vinegar. It maintainspH balance. It is a natural cleanser removing buildup from styling gels and shampoos whilemaking your hair look softer and lighter. ACV opens up clogged follicles and acts asa conditioner. It contains essential nutrients like potassium, iron, vitamin A, C, B whichpromote hair growth. It also prevents psoriasis, maybe you should start using apple cider vinegartoday. Thank you so much for watching I want

to know, how do you eliminate danuff fromyour scalpé Post your repliesthe comments below. If you want to get more tutorials fromme, be sure to like this tutorial, subscribe and see youthe next one!.


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