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Welcome to health care at home Today we are going to talk about Psoriasis or scalp Proriasis Psoriasis is a skin disease what actually happensthis, skin cells rapidly growth. Commonly skin cells growth1 month But when you have Psoriasis then the growth of skin cells become rapid. Due to this rapid growth your skin get thick scalps And these new cells even create white patches too

Normally its a non contagious disesase And generally it began from elbow , knees scalp Scalp too is our skin, I often receive mail from people saying that we have danuff and getting layer of danuff They are basically suffering from Scalp psoriasis When you have such danuff that when you have itching then the layers of danuff are coming out. Then you should understand that its not danuff else this problem is called scalp psoriasis. If your nails got affected by psoriasis.then its color got changed even.

Similarly if you have problem of psoriasis and you are doing itching In case you are itchingyour head or to any other area which is affected by psoriasis it can even bleed sometime too Now, let me share the reason. normally its reason is stress, anxiety, infection. It can even happen due to any skin injury as well Your family history could be the reason too, you can even call it hereditary Why am I saying because ,case any one is suffering from psoriasis Since, you also livethe same environment, stress

Then there are maximum chances to you to get affected by this disease Apart from that there are lots of reason just like, poor diet or immune disorder. Deficiency of Vitamin D, Sunburn or genetic problem With all these reasons also one can suffer from psoriasis if it is not cured at the right time then you may caught with anxiety, depression other infections. Now let us talk about its treatment. See, you can very simply do its treatment Nowherever you have the problem of psoriasis even if you have ityour scalp

Then take a fresh leave of Aloe Vera , take out its gel and apply that gel daily If you started applying this gel then slowly you will start getting reliefthe problem of psoriasis Along with this you can do one more thing, if you are having too much itchingpsoriasis just like itching on elbows, I have often seen people with itching even you have itchingscalp then what you have to do Take some Baking soda mix it with some water prepare a kind of paste you have to make a thin paste rather thick So, make this paste and where you have itching just likeelbow

because generally psoriasis develop from here only, then apply this paste over there After applying let it y, when it comes y then wash it off with water with this you will not only get reliefpsoriasis but you will also get reliefitching too Along with this you must consume garlic Eat 34 raw cloves of garlic as it strengthen your immune system And since immune disorder is one of the reason behind psoriasis So, by when your immune system will be strong then you will start having reliefpsoriasis Similarly, those who have very severe problem of psoriasis they must do this remedy


Am Srinivas, am director to my own company I was having symptoms of psoriasis since 30 years I dint know it was psoriasis or something else I used to go to skin s. They gave me some medicines. This is since past 20 25 years Off late it became little severe I used to get some kind of powders on my shoulders I was scrolling through google, and found Elite Ayurveda

I came 3 months back and met Chaithanya I explained him everything about my condition From that day onwards for the past 3 months Am under his treatment Am strictly following his instructions whatever he advised me I definitely see changesmy daily routine When I look into the mirror, I see the symptoms of psoriasis has completely eliminated I would like to discuss with Chaithanya how to maintain this and preventfuture I thank Elite Ayurveda. I wish them good luck for treating patients like me

Thank you.

stem cell glue heals arthritis

Stem cell glue mixture may heal arthritisMirand Hitti writing for WebMD reported on a study where scientists used stem cells torepair arthritis damagemice. They tweaked the stem cells' genes to pumpup production of a bonebuilding protein called BMP4. When mice with knee injuries got thosestem cells, their knees healed better than other mice with the same injuries.The finding comes from s including Ryosuke Kuroda, MD, PhD, of Chilen's ofPittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh. Kuroda's team took stem cells from mouse muscles,placed the stem cellschemical quot;glue,quot;

and used the mixture on mice with knee injuries.Some mice got stem cells that had been genetically altered to make more BMP4. Others got stemcells with normal genes. A third group just got the chemical quot;gluequot; with no stem cells.The mice that got the genetically altered stem cells healed best by the study's end.They made glossy, white tissue that repaired the joint damage quite well.Healing attempts didn't go as wellthe other mice. Their joint repairs were rougherand didn't last as long. Basically, the glue worked like spackle, puttingthe stem cellsthe right spots and fillinglittle gaps. The glue might work betterthan solid grafts of tissue, write Kuroda

and colleagues.Very interesting and promising.


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