Meet the Psoriasis Ninja

I don't really remember a time where I didn't have psoriasis. I've had it ever since I was a baby. I didn't really think it was a big deal, until I went to school. That's when people started seeing my skin and that's when I knew

I was different. Some kids would be scared of me or just not talk to me. So I always kind of hid it with long clothes even though it's hot. And like, pick up the flakes that came off.

I started a blog for all the kidsthe world who suffer from psoriasis, too. I want them to feel strong and I want them to feel confident knowing that there are other kidssimilar situations. I want them to have a friend who can understand them

and I wanted to make a friend who can understand me, too. My name is Kaleb Cash and I am the Psoriasis Ninja.

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Tom O Brien Master Herbalist here, with another tutorial on how to make your ownpsoriasis cream, psoriasis is something that affects a lot of people its avery sensitive painfulskin condition that can be hard to manage. it combines a calendula, comfrey and st. John's wort oil these 3 are antiinflammatory antiviral antifungaland antibacterial so perfect for skin conditions like psoriasis is very simpleto make and I'm gonna show you how enjoy request a tutorial if you would like me to adess any particular health issue and if you haven't subscribed or if this is your first time here please subscribe and be guaranteed weekly content on the health and healing benefits of herbs and food as medicine

I'm Tom O Brien, Master Herbalist and look forward to seeing youa tutorial soon take care bye bye.


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