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0:07annoying red0:08send blotch is on the face are common complaints but how do you know when0:12you're irritation is something more 0:13more than just y skin or acne if youare experiencing painful redness 0:18you maybe wanna be estimated 14 millionAmericans suffering from was a shower 0:23and here to tell us more about the conditionand how it is treated his 0:26dermatologist Doris Day0:28ed a great to have you back on the show thanks for having me so0:31Rosie show is something that I guess affects a lot of people can you tell us0:35what it is exactly

0:36rose Asia is a very common condition andwe think it affects at least 40 million 0:40Americans0:41and the problem is that most people don't recognize that they have it0:45until they go see their and so they're treating it as0:48also to other conditions and those statements can actually make there was a0:52show worth 0:52is that because the symptoms are so vaguewell the symptoms are a little bit 0:56unclear0:56sometimes they can mimic other things we actually called the Great this geyser1:00you can see several different things sometimes

you can have just simple1:04redness and broken blood vessels that's one type1:06men tend to get a prominent nose something we call Ryan of I'm A1:10a bumpy bulbous nose was a she can also affect the eyes and that's called ocular1:15rotation you have a gritty feelingthe eyes are lots of spice1:18but can also look a little bit like acne that you can have pimples1:22and and bombsthe skin as well but it is different than adult acne because1:26that's more hormonal it's more on the lower face1:29and with acne you do have more blackheads

and whiteheads and that's not1:33seenRose Asia 1:34where they should does affect the cheeksthe chin the nose the forehead 1:37an adult acne is really more along thelower face butros Asia 1:41does ok and develop as we get older isthat right 1:44where they should is more than adult patternand that's why some people do 1:47call it adult acne so you start the scenein the late twenties thirties 1:50forties1:51and for most women who get it does get a little bit better after menopause so1:55that's something to look forward to read

up on death row for one thing yeah i1:58think is a hereditary I mean how do we get it2:01we're not really sure there may be a hereditary component to it2:05and we really don't know the main underlying cause like with acne too we2:08don't know the main underlying cause 2:10but we do know that with Rose a show there'sone good thing about it is that 2:14there are triggers2:15you have some control and the triggers are pretty clear so we know2:19alcohol is the biggest trigger furrows Ayesha stress is a very big trigger and2:23obviously you can't not stressed that

all because you knowlife if you're2:26living at properly there are going to be stressed resource2:29but you can manage your stress better and if there is a show is2:32wearing quite often you have to think about what your triggers are not stress2:36is one of them 2:37you have to look for ways to manage thatstress absolutely extremes2:40temperature can also be a very big triggersothe winter when its cold 2:44and windy outsideyou had that blastthe y hot air when you go2:48that can be a trigger you also have tothink about foods

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