Robert Morse En Fr Pregnancy

Hello everyone. It sure is a good pleasure. I always love to come and talk into this group because you guys are so beautiful,you're so loving. There's so many great souls out there working on themselves and helping others. My god!You see what we're all doingé You all see what you're doing withthe planet, how you're helping ité

I mean, you got to be proud of yourselves. You know, some of you are struggling,and. you just have to keep working it. Don't let anything stop you. Because, you stop, you stop!You'll be right where you are and you don't want to. You just keep on going no matterwhat selfdiscipline it requires. Who caresé You know. that's part ofthe art of developing yourself

spiritually as self discipline. How do you stop the mind from thinkingé How do you control the mindif you don't have any selfdisciplineé You can't pull back into your awareness. And a lot of people can't.Interesting enough! You know. l'm not surethis was a lot of people but. I was diagnosed with a. quot;somethingquot; that was going to put mein a wheelchair by the time l was twenty.

That was when l was about.eleven, twelve years old. And l remember asking God for healing once. And just as tremendoushe went through my body. But l was asking for the diabetic part. And the next day,my sugars were still sky high and l was absolutely devastated. Well, fast forward to when l was sixteen,and l had begun my spiritual journey. I just asked God: why did you heal mefrom one and not the otheré

And l got one word: discipline. But, look at what it is takenfrom me to bethis chair! Exactly. If l would have been healedat that moment, my journey would look entirely different. And who knows where l would beand what I'd be doingé It wouldn't be sitting herehelping others and learning. You know, the importanceof what you just said

liesjudgements. Remember how l'm trying toget people us, our team even, because sometimeswe make judgement calls: you are too white, you're too fatyou're too this, you're too that. It's like. we all know whowe are and what we are and what we have to do,in most of the same way. And so, it's just, judging others.You can't judge that. You can't judgehow God has created all this


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