How to Psoriasis Treatment Skin Disorder

Transcript for Psoriasis Treatment Lone SkinDisorer Lone has psoriasis. The following pictures were taken before Lonestared using MentoNeem Ointment. Annotation: Lone uses MentoNeem Ointmentin her prosriasis treatment. Lone after 2 months usage of MentoNeem Ointment To receeive more information go to mentoneem just click the link below

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Nutritional Supplements Vitamins Buying the Best Nutritional Supplements

Hi I'm Lisa Jones on behalf of Expert Village.In this segment we are going to be talking about various nutrition supplements. Pleasefeel free to visit my website at healthwisewithlisajhones . There are various nutrition supplements onthe market and for the consumer it may seem very overwhelming. You walk into the healthfood store, walk into GNC or any type of vitamin store and there are millions of supplementseverywhere. Which ones do you chooseé Well an example of which one to choose which Ihighly recommend would be vitamin A, and vitamin A may help prevent cancer and cardiovasculardisease. There has been lots of research on this and it is one that many s willrecommend taking. It also promotes healthy

skin and hair. So again this one I purchasedfrom CVS. It is a blended vitamin A, 400 IU and it does have the USP label on it. It doessay on the label “circulatory and heart and contributes to healthy heart� so thatwould be an example of what the FDA approved and looked at. It tells you how much you shouldtake is one soft gel. It also talks about how vitamin A helps maintain healthy bloodvessels and promotes heart health, and it also supports the immune system. It also doessay that there is a disclaimer from the FDA that “this product is not intended to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent any disease.� Another supplement Vitamin C is required for tissuegrowth and repair. It also helps with the

aenal gland function and healthy gums. Also,it may help prevent cancer asVitamin A. Another thing that Vitamin C does is it enhancesimmunity. That would be another example of that.

Sea Anemone Toxin for Arthritis

arthritistreatmentcenter Sea anemone toxin for arthritisé Coming up next. Sea Anemone Toxin for Arthritis A reportthe Inquisitr described researchby Seattlebased biotech company Kineta . Komo News reports that Kineta is conducting altrials on a synthetic compound called ShK186. The compound was derived from a sea anemonetoxin and is tested as a treatment for autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, psoriaticarthritis, and lupus. Shawn Ladonato, the company's chief scientificofficer and executive vice president, explained:

quot;We think the natural route is still underexplored,and there are lots of opportunities for new ugs that are very effective and potent.quot; If it proves an effective treatment, the venomderivedcompound could replace current treatments for the diseases, like steroids and methotrexate.Both options also suppress the immune system — something the new treatment doesn't do. The compound has an added bonus. weightloss. Kineta unexpectedly discovered that the venom treatment could also enhance metabolicactivity, which could mean a more natural treatment for obesity.

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